In the thick of it

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With their outstanding comeback win in overtime on Saturday, the Chargers are very much in the AFC playoff hunt. More | Rivers rallies Chargers past Niners | Harbaugh: Up 28-7, we didn't finish it | Staley rips 'terrible' ref
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Worst rule in NFL?
Mike Florio discusses a controverial turnover from Washington football team's game against the Giants.
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Football night
Your social and behind the scenes destination for everything surrounding Sunday Night Football.
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As Blake Bortles' rookie season nears completion, it's tough to say whether he'll be a success.
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Who would trade for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler? More teams than one might expect, actually.
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Winter's coming
As the Bengals hit the homestretch, it's worth noting that Andy Dalton's playoff record is awful.


1. D. Murray (10153)

2. J. Jones (9479)

3. T. Hilton (8560)

4. F. Gore (6242)

5. J. Cutler (5853)

6. C. Newton (5603)

7. C. Hyde (5126)

8. P. Manning (5113)

9. C. Spiller (5071)

10. J. Charles (4839)