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May 24, 2011, 3:05 pm

North American Hunter
North American Hunting Club's North American Hunter Television show, home of "You Call The Shots," captures the excitement and challenges of pursuing. Join hosts Bill Miller, Gordy Krahn, Dave Maas, Mark Kayser, and Ainsley Beeman as they target giant whitetails, mega moose, huge bear, caribou, turkey, antelope and trophy elk from top destinations across North America.

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Bill is the Executive Producer, North American Outdoors Television and Executive Director of the North American Hunting Club (NAHC). Upon graduation from the University of Wisconsin, Bill became the first-ever associate editor for the North American Hunting Club's (NAHC) North American Hunter magazine. Twenty-three years, 11 magazines, 12 television shows, 10 job titles, dozens of book contributions, two complete NAHC books and millions of words have passed, and Bill remains with the North American Media Group. He also hosts North American Hunter on Versus.

Gordy Krahn
Gordy Krahn, Editor of North American Hunter magazine, grew up in the small community of Warroad, Minnesota, where he spent his misguided youth hunting and trapping the fields, marshes and forests of the North. Former Editor of The Trapper & Predator Caller and Managing Editor of Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazines, Gordy has been in the outdoor publishing business for nearly 15 years. His Bachelors degree in journalism and Masters degree in Natural Resources, help him communicate wildlife issues to North American Hunting Club members. He has produced three instructional videos on hunting predators and authored the book "Predator Hunting - Proven Tactics That Work" published by the North American Hunting Club. Currently Gordy is the editor of North American Hunter and co-host of North American Hunter Television show on Versus. An avid rifleman, bowhunter and wing shooter, Gordy serves on the North American Hunting Club's Shooting Advisory Council. He has hunted big and small game species across the United States and Canada as well as South America, Mexico and Africa. "Not many people can say they truly enjoy their job. The fact that I use the majority of my vacation time each year to pursue the same outdoor activities I do daily for the North American Hunting Club, speaks volumes." Gordy resides in Monticello, Minnesota, with his wife, Lora, and their two Brittanys.

Dave Mass
Dave Maas credits his father for getting him started with a love of the outdoors through frequent family fishing trips to central Ontario and hunting trips to northern Minnesota. Dave continues with the outdoor lifestyle still; during his vacations, Maas "lives in a treestand" while bowhunting whitetails with family and friends in eastern South Dakota and western Wisconsin. Dave is a co-host of North American Hunter Television and managing editor of North American Hunter magazine. Some of his favorite "work" trips have included hunts for Alabama turkeys, Alberta black bears, California wild boar, Colorado elk, Kentucky whitetails, Northwest Territories' caribou and Wyoming pronghorns.

Mark Kayser
Mark Kayser has been photographing and writing about the outdoors since junior high with a career spanning more than two decades. A B.S. in News Editorial Journalism from South Dakota State University helped him shape his career in outdoor communications. Mark is the whitetail columnist for North American Hunting Club's - North American Hunter, the backyard whitetail bowhunting columnist for Bowhunt America magazine, the conservation editor for North American Hunter, the host of Truck Vault's Xtreme Hunts and co-host of Versus Country's Winchester Whitetail Revolution. Mark is also the Bowhunting Advisory Council coordinator for North American Hunter, when he's not out pursuing outdoor adventures.

Ainsley Beeman

Ainsley Beeman is an avid outdoorswoman and hunter from Louisiana. You'll see her featured on "North American Hunter-TV's" popular segment, "Field Test with Ainsley Beeman." Her personal mission is to positively influence others to become active in the outdoors. Beyond her love for nature, she holds friends, family and Jesus Christ close to her heart. Ainsley attended Louisiana State University (LSU), and was proudly crowned Miss LSU-USA in 2009

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