Apparently the NBA is worried about fan behavior this season. VERY worried.

Imagine you have had courtside season tickets to the Trail Blazers for 45 years, then got this email from the Trail Blazers today:


  "The NBA is committed to creating a safe and entertaining in-game experience for everyone involved with our game. Fans (like you) with seats in close proximity to the playing court bear a heightened responsibility to ensure that your conduct meets the NBA's safety, security, and fan code of conduct guidelines. We encourage all fans to enjoy the excitement of our game and to cheer for our players and teams in a respectful way. 

 Fans who act inappropriately will not be tolerated and may be subject to ejection from the game and/or cancellation of the ticket holder's account. Examples of such inappropriate conduct include, but are not limited to: verbally instigating any player, coach, referee, fan or any other person involved in our game; making any physical contact or attempting to make such contact with any player, coach, referee, fan or any other person involved in our game; using any obscene gestures' unreasonably interrupting the game; and a general display of inappropriate or abusive behavior." 

  Thank you for supporting the NBA and for helping to make our game safe and entertaining."

I really cannot figure out what "verbally instigating" a player or coach is. You can instigate people to do good things and bad but it's not specific. It's defined as inciting someone to do something. Cheering for a team is a form of instigating them to do better. But getting back to the real issue here: I suppose among people sitting courtside, perhaps one in 500 needs to be reminded to behave. The rest of those receiving this could possibly perceive it as an insult. I'm not blaming the Trail Blazers because certainly this note was apparently mandated by the league. But if you're sitting near the court tonight, just remember -- DON'T INSTIGATE!