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There's plenty to hope for in 2013
Houdstooth hat for Saban, a big admission from Tiger, and fun times for Bobby V
Will 2013 be the year that Alabama head coach Nick Saban gets the nerve to start wearing a houndstooth hat?
December 29, 2012, 7:12 pm

It's hard to match 2012 for the sheer cornucopia of news-making events in sports that brought incredible highs and preposterous lows and everything in between - but then again, we say something like that every year at this time. Taking a look ahead, the coming year figures to be just as topsy-turvy and wondrous. With that in mind, here are things to hope for in 2013:

That the New York Jets find a quarterback, even if they have to use Craigslist. .

That the Arizona Cardinals find a quarterback before Robert Griffin IV is available. .

That the NHL and its players attend group therapy together in order to understand and control their self-destructive impulses. .

That Nick Saban will finally get the nerve to start wearing a houndstooth hat around Alabama. .

That Cowboys owner Jerry Jones learns how to clean his own glasses. .

That the NFL clarifies its rules on hits so that a defensive player closing in on a tackle can do more than just yell, "Hey you! Stop!" .

That NASCAR will take the next logical step in its development by hiring Dana White to promote post-race fights. .

That Astro Boy will attend a Lakers game to answer the question about why we never see him and Steve Nash in the same place at the same time. .

That a member of the New York Yankees gets a hit in a clutch situation without defibrillator paddles being involved. .

That Bobby Valentine buys season tickets at Fenway Park right behind the Red Sox dugout and stares at his former players as they come and go, just for fun. .

That Tiger Woods will just come out and admit, "I'm never going to win another major" so that people will stop asking. .

That Groupon will start offering deals on college football and basketball recruits. .

That a law is passed stating that whenever a professional athlete uses the word "haters" on Twitter he has to hit himself in the face with a cream pie. .

That Gregg Popovich will start resting some of the people who could really use some rest, like reporters who cover his team on a regular basis. .

That all movement of sports programs at major universities will take place on eBay. .

That ESPN doesn't add a dance number to the Heisman Trophy award show. .

That the Kansas City Chiefs will have a much better year, in every aspect. .

That the Los Angeles Dodgers can make payroll without having to dip into their accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. .

That a compromise is struck whereby Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and others of the steroids era are not inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, but are allowed within the Cooperstown city limits. .

That Chuck Pagano of the Indianapolis Colts continues on a journey that will someday see him as the longest-tenured head coach in the NFL. .

That Josh Hamilton bats cleanup for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim while remaining cleaned up. .

That when Twitter followers react with malice whenever a future recruit like Jabari Parker chooses a school they don't like, they're directed to "hashtag douchebag." .

That network executives don't develop that Aaron Rodgers-State Farm-discount double check commercial into a sitcom, because 30 seconds of that is enough. .

That leaders in Washington on both sides of the aisle come together in the spirit of patriotism and cooperation and hammer out some sort of a plan to make sure something like the Wizards' current state never happens again. .

That college football fans who saw how Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M became known as "Johnny Football" will suddenly see Heisman candidates for 2013 with names like "T.J. Football," "Marquise Football" and "Braxton Football." .

That the Jets promise to change the name of their Wildcat package to Domesticated Cat in order to attract help from rescue organizations. .

That Chip Kelly wears new, top-of-the-line Nike shoes when he meets with Phil Knight to tell him he's leaving Oregon for the NFL so he can run away fast. .

That Andrew Bynum plays in the NBA again before the next Transit of Venus, which occurs every 100 years. .

That the New York Knicks take the all-orange uniforms they wore on Sunday and air-lift them to a remote island where the natives haven't seen outsiders in centuries, in the desperate hope that somebody somewhere might think they're cool looking. .

That whenever Roger Goodell goes to New Orleans, he brings a food taster. .

That Manny Pacquiao realizes that the ringing he's still hearing isn't a phone, although Juan Manuel Marquez did leave a message. .

That just because Johnny Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman doesn't mean it's now O.K. for high school seniors to start campaigning for it. .

That just because Lane Kiffin failed to penetrate Notre Dame's goal-line defense doesn't mean he shouldn't keep trying over and over again in his head. .

That in a perfect world, sports will bring us only joy and never sorrow, and that a perfect world is a heavy favorite to happen. .

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