What's behind Joel Embiid running streets of Philadelphia? You might see it again

CAMDEN, N.J. — Brett Brown is setting the record straight. 

The video of Joel Embiid running through the streets of Philadelphia is legit. 

“There’s no marketing exercise and sort of some clandestine conspiracy theory,” Brown said Tuesday. “It was very innocent. He played tennis and ran home.”

A Lyft driver captured the Sixers' big man jogging in the city at night. The driver caught up to Embiid and called out, “Yo, trust the process. I love you.” Embiid raised his hands in response. 

“He declares himself to be a man of the people,” Brown said. “I think that is true. He’s proud of that and I think he lives it.”

Ben Simmons has yet to view the now-viral video but wasn’t surprised to hear of his teammate’s evening. 

“I haven’t seen it,” Simmons said. “That’s something Jo would do, though.” 

Embiid is recovering from left knee surgery and has been participating in half-court 5-on-5 in practices. He is targeting to return opening night on Oct. 18 (more on that here).

Will there be more videos of Joel the Jogger this season? He actually had run home the previous night, too, according to Brown. 

“People just weren’t ready with all their cameras,” Brown said. 

Chances are, there will be fans on the lookout tonight.