NBC Sports Philadelphia chronicles classic Philadelphia Eagles games with multiplatform coverage


NBC Sports Philadelphia chronicles classic Philadelphia Eagles games with multiplatform coverage

PHILADELPHIA (October 23, 2017) — NBC Sports Philadelphia looks back at legendary Philadelphia Eagles games through the eyes of the players and coaches who played them. Host Michael Barkann is joined by NFL Hall of Fame writer Ray Didinger and many of the players and coaches who played major roles in the outcome as they breakdown the games.
In addition to the Eagles Classic Games, special editions of "Philly Sports Talk Podcast," will accompany each episode. Ray Didinger will host chat sessions on NBC Sports Philadelphia's Facebook page, with additional videos and articles available on NBCSportsPhiladelphia.com.
"These are some of the most iconic Philadelphia Eagles games of all time," said Barkann. "We take a look back through the eyes of the players and coaches, with Ray providing his analysis, having covered many of these games for the Philadelphia Inquirer and NFL Films."
"The Body Bag Game" Premieres Wed 10.25 at 10 p.m. 
Interview: Seth Joyner

Buddy Ryan's ferocious defense records three sacks and two defensive touchdowns in a 28-14 home win versus the Redskins on Monday Night Football. The Eagles physically punish Washington all game long as a total of six Redskins players leave the contest to injury – including two quarterbacks. Eagles safety William Frizzell is famously remembered for turning to the Washington bench and asking, "You need any more body bags?"
"Ask any Eagles fan their favorite game," said Ray Didinger, "More times than not, they'll say 'the Body Bag Game.'" Played under the bright lights of Monday Night Football, Buddy Ryan's defense, including Reggie White, Jerome Brown and Seth Joyner were unstoppable."
Miracle of the Meadowlands 1 – Premieres Wed 11.8 at 8 p.m.
Interviews: Quarterback Ron Jaworski, head coach Dick Vermeil

With the Eagles seemingly headed for defeat against the host NY Giants, cornerback Herman Edwards scoops up a fumbled handoff from Joe Pisarcik to Larry Csonka and races 26 yards for a TD in the final 20 seconds of the play. The win helps propel the Eagles to their first winning season since 1966 and into the playoffs for the first time since 1960.
"All of a sudden I see a huge pile of bodies, everyone running towards the end zone, people jumping on the pile, even people standing in the end zone were jumping on the pile," said Dick Vermeil.
Miracle of the Meadowlands 2 – Premieres Wed 11.8 at 9 p.m.
: Michael Vick, Desean Jackson, Brent Celek, Andy Reid

With 14 seconds remaining and the game knotted at 31, NY Giants punter Matt Dodge boots a line drive to DeSean Jackson who returns it for an electrifying 65-yard, game-winning TD. The punt return fuels the Eagles to victory and caps off a 28-point comeback, which began with the team trailing 31-10 with eight minutes left in the game.
"25 years in football, I've never been a part of a game like that," said Celek.
2005 NFC Championship Game – Premieres Wed 11.15 at 8 p.m.
: Brian Dawkins

The Eagles reach the Super Bowl for the first time since the 1980 season after defeating the Atlanta Falcons, 27-10, in the NFC Championship Game. Two TD passes from quarterback Donovan McNabb key the offense, while the defense clamps down on dynamic Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick. As the clock winds down to 0:00, the Lincoln Financial Field crowd begins chanting, "Super Bowl! Super Bowl!"
"Hold on to those memories from that game and that time," said Brian Dawkins. "Because I do, and they are good ones."

Full Eagles Classic Schedule (premieres are bolded):

October 25: Special Eagles Classic Edition of Philly Sports Talk Podcast available
10 p.m.: Body Bag Game (premiere)

October 26: Facebook Live with Ray Didinger

October 27, 9 p.m.: Body Bag Game        

November 8: Special Eagles Classic Edition of Philly Sports Talk Podcast available
Facebook Live with Ray Didinger

8 p.m.: Miracle of the Meadowlands 1 (premiere)
9 p.m.: Miracle of the Meadowlands 2 (premiere)

November 10, 8 p.m.: Miracle of the Meadowlands 1  
9 p.m.: Miracle of the Meadowlands 2

November 15: Special Eagles Classic Edition of Philly Sports Talk Podcast available
Facebook Live with Ray Didinger

8 p.m.: 2005 NFC Championship (premiere)
9 p.m.: Body Bag Game        

November 17, 8 p.m.: Miracle of the Meadowlands 1
9 p.m.: 2005 NFC Championship Game

November 24, 8 p.m.: Miracle of the Meadowlands 2
9 p.m.: 2005 NFC Championship Game

December 26, 8 p.m.: Body Bag Game         
9 p.m.: Miracle of the Meadowlands 1

December 27, 8 p.m.: Miracle of the Meadowlands 2
9 p.m.: 2005 NFC Championship game

December 30, 5 p.m.: Body Bag Game
6 p.m.: Miracle of the Meadowlands 1  
7 p.m.: Miracle of the Meadowlands 2
8 p.m.: 2005 NFC Championship

Eagles-Redskins thoughts: A win away from commanding conference lead

USA Today Images

Eagles-Redskins thoughts: A win away from commanding conference lead

8:30 p.m. on ESPN
Eagles  favored by 4.5

The Eagles can become the first team in the NFL to six wins in 2017 — if they complete a series sweep of the NFC East rival Redskins on Monday night.

No need to pinch yourself, because you're not dreaming. At 5-1, the Eagles entered Week 7 with the league's best record. They're on a four-game winning streak and are set to kick off a three-game homestand. And the Eagles already knocked off Washington on the road in the regular-season opener, so confidence should be sky high.

With another victory over the Redskins, not only would the Eagles take a commanding three-game lead in the division standings, they also would continue to stake their claim as the hottest team in pro football.

Not the same Redskins
Back in Week 1, when the prospect of a new season gave hope to all 32 teams, Washington was a tough opponent. The Eagles would eventually win the initial meeting by a final score of 30-17, but they led by only two points until just under two minutes to play in the fourth quarter.

But much has happened over the past month-and-a-half, and the Redskins do not appear to be as strong of an opponent now. Frankly, they've been decimated by injuries.

Defensive lineman Jonathan Allen and kicker Dustin Hopkins went on injured reserve this week. All-Pro cornerback Josh Norman is out as well, while fellow starting defensive backs Bashaud Breeland and Deshazor Everett are among six players listed as questionable. The questionables also include left tackle Trent Williams, who is desperately trying to delay knee surgery.

The 'Skins certainly have enough weapons on both sides of the ball that they still pose a threat. However, there's no denying their roster has been weakened by injuries, and their depth will be put to the test against the Eagles.

Bombs away
The injuries to Washington's secondary may be especially problematic, given the way the Eagles attacked this area during the previous meeting.

The Eagles managed to score 30, and seven of those were the result of a defensive touchdown, but the offense easily could've been much worse. Carson Wentz had receivers open deep down the field on multiple occasions yet repeatedly overthrew or underthrew the likes of Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor and Torrey Smith.

Wentz completed 26 of 39 pass attempts for 307 yards with two touchdowns in the opener, despite missing on some big gainers. In other words, the outcome could've been far worse.

Think Wentz will miss on those shots again should they present themselves? Don't count on it. The second-year quarterback has been connecting on a higher rate of his deep targets of late, while throwing for 526 yards and seven touchdowns in the last two contests. As long as he's in that kind of rhythm, Wentz is capable of doing some serious damage against this group.

An emerging threat
Starting running back Robert Kelley — officially questionable — remains among the many injuries to Washington this week. That being said, his absence has led to something of a silver lining in the form of a breakout season for Chris Thompson.

Thompson has sneakily become one of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the NFL. His 515 yards from scrimmage are less than 200 behind his career high with 11 games to play. His whopping 18.9 yards per reception were good for fourth in the NFL entering the week.

This is a so-called third-down running back, who with 340 yards receiving through five games is currently on pace to eclipse 1,000 on the season.

Thompson has become by far the Redskins' biggest weapon, leading the team through the air, rushing with 175 yards on the ground, and touchdowns with four. Find a way to slow Thompson and keep him from getting into the open field and the Eagles will likely slow the entire offense.

We're No. 1
Of course, the Eagles probably aren't too concerned about Washington running the ball against them. After all, nobody else has had much success doing so.

The Eagles may have the NFL's 29th-ranked pass defense through six weeks, but that's at least partially because they boast the league's best run D. Allowing only 67.5 yards per game on the ground, the Eagles are forcing opponents to put the ball in the air, and while that's led to some statistical production, it's also played right into their hands.

One-dimensional offenses have led to plenty of opportunities in the Eagles' secondary, which entered the week tied for 11th with six interceptions. The Eagles' 14 sacks are also tied for 15th.

These aren't incredible rankings, either. Still, it goes to show what can happen when offenses are forced to repeatedly throw the ball for lack of another option against even a suspect secondary. Often times, it's an approach that will eventually lead to mistakes — like Brandon Graham's sack of Kirk Cousins that resulted in a 20-yard fumble return against Washington in Week 1.

Controlling their destiny
Washington is an opponent that's there for the taking. And as long as the Eagles take care of business, they will remain squarely in the driver's seat in the NFC East, and the entire conference for that matter.

The Eagles are the only team with two wins in the division, and the Cowboys are currently the only other team without a loss. In terms of the entire NFC, the Eagles are also a perfect 4-0 going into this game, while only the Falcons (3-0) remain unbeaten in conference play.

This game is all about control. If the Eagles control the Redskins, they will control the East, and they will be well on their way to controlling a conference that's very much up for grabs.

In other words, the Eagles need to take what is rightfully theirs on Monday.

Oh right, The Sixers: Toronto brings Philly to 0-3 with old-school clobbering

Oh right, The Sixers: Toronto brings Philly to 0-3 with old-school clobbering

Well, what a fun trip down memory lane that was. Just as they have seemingly spent much of the past four years doing, the Philadelphia 76ers traveled to Toronto last night on the second night of a back-to-back -- without Joel Embiid, natch -- and got minced. The Sixers got outpaced 36-19 in the first quarter and never recovered, eventually falling by a score of 128-94. 

It was another game where the things our rookies were good at, they were really good at, but the other stuff killed us. Ben Simmons ended with an impressive 18-10-8 -- even hitting a couple quasi-jumpers in the process -- but the way that the Raptors were able to shrink the floor against him and his ultra-limited range more or less strangled our half-court offense. The Sixers were -20 with him on the floor, and the cramped spacing partly led to a down night for our normally reliable shooters. (Robert Covington and J.J. Redick -- the former plagued by foul trouble -- couldn't even get their shots off, going a combined 1-3 from deep.) 

And Markelle Fultz's presence only exacerbated things, as he kept refusing to shoot from the perimeter, driving no matter how open he was. He made some nice plays and got to the line eight times, but his increasingly miserable FT form -- he shot the last one seemingly one-handed, with his other arm blocking his eyes -- shows why that's about all he's capable of at the moment. As suggested by Spike Eskin on a recent Rights to Ricky Sanchez pod, shutting him down until he can relearn how to shoot might be the move for our No. 1 overall pick at this point. He's not helping himself or the team playing like this at the moment. 

Of course, the biggest reason for the drubbing was the lack of Embiid. The team has no one to really hold down the middle without him at the moment -- Amir Johnson is our most reliable backup but he's something of a black hole on offense at the moment, and Jahlil Okafor (who got his first game action of the season) is still brutal when it comes to defensive decision-making. The team actually might look best at the moment sans Embiid with Simmons at the five, though that's not sustainable for long periods, especially when DeMar DeRozan is carving up our defense for 30 points on 8-12 (!!) shooting. 

Terrible throwback performance by the Sixers, and given that it's their third loss in a row to start the season, it may lead to a lot of understandable Same Old Sixers chatter. But don't forget how good that opening-night performance was against the Wizards, how much of the game against Boston we were leading for, and how tough a three-game stretch to start the season this was in general. I thought we'd go 0-3 and we went 0-3 -- next up is the Pistons on Monday, and in the couple weeks that follow, we play the Mavs, Hawks and Pacers. We wont' be winless for long -- though the sooner we can put one in the W column and avoid this team getting stuck in a peak-Process vortex, the better.