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Lucky Sixers fan in L.A. gets jersey off Embiid's back on historic night

Lucky Sixers fan in L.A. gets jersey off Embiid's back on historic night

Joel Embiid treated all Philadelphia 76ers fans to a show on Wednesday night in Los Angeles when he put in a historic performance in helping get the Sixers a win over the Lakers.

Jojo made all of our nights. But he went an extra step to give one youngster out in L.A. an incredible birthday present: the jersey off of his back.

The NBA's Twitter account shared footage of the moment and it's one of those things that make you happy to be a sports fan.

You can rest assured this kid will be trusting the Process for life.

You can read more on Embiid's historic night right here.

Gabe Kapler enjoyed ice cream in truly bizarre fashion

Gabe Kapler enjoyed ice cream in truly bizarre fashion

Gabe Kapler: interesting and bizarre dude.

By now we've heard dozens of tales of the Phillies' new manager's unique personality and spent plenty of time reading his cooky lifestyle tips on his website, but thanks to Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb, we are now treated to some truly wonderful and wacky tales of Kapler's time as a minor league manager.

Kapler spent one season managing the Greenville Drive, a low-A team in the Red Sox organization, in 2007 when he was recently retired from MLB. Gelb spoke with a handful of players from that team who spoke very highly of Kapler but also shared some fantastic stories worth amplifying.

Kapler is obviously a health nut but just how far will he go for the sake of his health? Incredibly far. How about bringing his own organic eggs and peanut butter on minor league road trips? How about doing full sprints in the empty city streets late at night after losses to let off some steam? How about beating one of his players in a wrestling match so badly that it made the professional ball player feel like a child?

The whole story is full of nuggets like this, but it's the ice cream bit that is truly bonkers. (h/t Tim Britton)

“He was so into health,” Still said. “He’s addicted to ice cream. So he would sit there and lick ice cream but have a cup and spit it into it. He would lick it just for the taste but didn’t want to eat it. I told him, ‘Dude, that’s like Unabomber type stuff.’ That’s a thing he did.”

So there it is, conclusive proof that you have to be willing to lick ice cream and spit it into a cup to have that kind of muscle-builder body.

That's the most ridiculous bit from the story, but it's also worth reading to get a glimpse of the kind of manager of men Kapler was -- and could be with the Phillies.

Many players seemed to have loved just how involved Kapler was on a day-to-day basis, from the weight room to sharing meals to getting involved in batting practice. It's going to be very interesting to see how that translates to the Major League Level.

I guess the moral of the story is: nobody tell Kapler about the free ice cream in the Phillies press box.

Raising the cat didn't go so well for Ben Simmons

Raising the cat didn't go so well for Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers fans love to #RaiseTheCat, but raising a couple of cats of his own didn't exactly go so well for Ben Simmons.

If you're a Sixers fan, you're well aware of the #RaiseTheCat movement that took over the Philly basketball world beginning last season. A couple of Sixers fans on Twitter, inspired by photos of Simmons with his two Savannah cats, started the craze of lifting their cats after a Sixers win.

The movement had momentum. The Sixers put it on T-shirts. There was even a #RaiseTheCat camera on the jumbotron at games.

People loved the cats.

Turns out, the cats were a little too... wild.

Savannah cats sure are beautiful animals. They were first bred in the 80s and are ancestors of the wild African serval. But they may be a little too wild. 

The Undefeated's Marc Spears wrote a piece today about Simmons' love of animals and goes in depth about his experience with the cats that inspired a city to get arm workouts in every time the Sixers won.

Turns out, they were a real pain in the butt for Ben's brother to deal with:

"So, we start with one. It’s all good and everything is cool,” the 31-year-old Tribe said. “Then Ben being the 20-year-old that he is, says, ‘He needs a friend. We need to give it a friend.’ So, he gets a male one this time. And this cat is crazy. It doesn’t want to eat. It’s hiding from us. Every time we go near it, it’s scratching. You can’t go near this cat. You give the cat a bowl of fruit and it’s clawing at your hand when you put the fruit down. It’s like a wild animal.

“We had them for about four or five months and I told Ben, ‘We can’t have these cats anymore. This is crazy.’"

Yep. Ben had to get rid of the cats.

But the story doesn't end there. There's a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles type incident to end the cat tale in which Simmons' bro had to take the cat to the airport and it gets out of its cage and bloodies him up pretty good.

So Simmons and Sixers fans have something in common. They appreciate the effort it takes to raise a cat.