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This Ben Simmons rookie card is made out of gold and is crazy valuable

Bleacher Report

This Ben Simmons rookie card is made out of gold and is crazy valuable

Ben Simmons is already a treasure to the city of Philadelphia in his first season playing for the Sixers. But one of his rookie cards is literally worth a fortune.

Bleacher Report posted a fun story today about an Oregon man who spent $129 for a box of high end Panini Gold Standard cards with the hopes of finding a card that is actually made of gold -- like, the metal.

The collectible world has apparently been searching for the unfound Simmons' rookie. And then... Like the Sixers in 2016 with the No. 1 overall pick, Wendell Williams hit the lottery.

Williams broke open the box his son had chosen, and as he flipped through, he found what everyone was seeking. A one-of-a-kind 2016-17 Ben Simmons Panini redemption rookie card made out of 14-karat gold—a holy grail in the basketball card community.

A month has passed since he hit the luck of the draw, the card-collecting forums barely containing themselves, and Williams is receiving offers of nearly $100,000 for his discovery. For now, he's turning them all down, waiting on the right price.

He has the card listed with a $150,000 "buy it now" option but says in the article that he doesn't even know if he'd take that. He's already received offers close to six figures.

It makes me wonder if my personal stash of Clarance Weatherspoon rookies is still in my parent's basement somewhere.

Darren Sproles looks insanely athletic in rehab video

Darren Sproles' IG

Darren Sproles looks insanely athletic in rehab video

As our Eagles Insider wrote a few weeks ago, "Darren Sproles is not a normal human being."

That much was on display on Darren's Instagram account today when he shared a video of his rehab. We've seen guys like JJ Watt and Connor Barwin share videos of them doing impressive box jumps, but Sproles took it to a whole new level.

Oh, and he's coming off a major knee injury.

Sproles' version of the box jump is multipart and he only uses one leg. It's insane.

Sproles also posted this fancy footwork video on April 16. I'd say he looks pretty darn nimble.

Feet still there ✔️

A post shared by Darren Sproles (@dsproles43) on

Sproles isn't currently under contract with the Eagles but Doug Pederson has said he would like to have him back. And as the aforementioned Reuben Frank wrote a month ago: "You bring him back because you’re a better football team with him than without him."

A look at Sixers' championship odds after round 1 win over Heat

A look at Sixers' championship odds after round 1 win over Heat

The Philadelphia 76ers and their fans absolutely relished the round 1 series victory over the Miami Heat. But enjoy it for a day or so and then it's time to look ahead.

The Sixers' round 2 opponent has yet to be determined. If the Celtics defeat the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday night, the Sixers would play in Boston on Saturday night at 8:00 pm to kick off the second round. If the Bucks keep the series alive tomorrow, the Sixers' first game of round 2 is TBD.

As JJ Redick said last night, this team has kept achieving its goals and setting new ones. 

"This group won 10 games two years ago, 28 games last year, we were 25-25 with 5 games to go before the All-Star break, so this is new to us as a group," Redick said. "The interesting thing that has happened is we've changed our goals now like four times. It was make the playoffs, it was win 50 games, it was home-court [advantage], then it was third seed. We don't feel any sense of complacency. This group is still hungry. We want more."

So how about an NBA title... this season? Of remarkable note: the Sixers opened up the season at +15000 to win the NBA championship and are now +850. That's wild.

Oddsmakers have the Sixers as the third-favorite, as of this morning, to win the 2018 NBA championship behind the Golden State Warriors (+105) and Houston Rockets (+160), according to both Bovada. Cleveland (+1000) and Toronto (+1100) aren't super far behind.

As for the Sixers' odds to win the East? How about a slight favorite, according to VegasInsider. Philly (8/5) is just a tiny bit ahead of Toronto (17/10) with Cleveland (3/1) being the only other team with a shot better than 20/1.

"We've got more to do," Brett Brown said last night.