Hey, Donovan: You're no Carson Wentz

Hey, Donovan: You're no Carson Wentz

The Eagles’ win over Arizona on Sunday was the kind of victory Birds fans have dreaming of for years. The Eagles dominated in all phases of the game. Nelson Agholor did a very fine impression of an elite wide receiver. Weak position groups like the offensive line and the secondary played well. The Eagles even did a choreographed, baseball-themed touchdown celebration that doubled as a clear message to Mike Trout, who was at the game, that it’s time for him to sign with the Phillies.

But most importantly of all, Carson Wentz proved himself an elite quarterback, throwing for over 300 yards and four touchdowns. Yes, Carson’s the real deal, and feelings are good here in Philadelphia.

After that victory, nothing could kill the mood. Nothing could put a damper on a great win. Unless. Unless…

Yes, Donovan McNabb was at the game, and even introduced himself to Wentz afterward. Because even years into his retirement, Donovan just had to do what he did throughout his Eagles career: Make it all about him.

McNabb felt the need to crash the postgame show, saying some stuff he obviously didn’t mean about Wentz has “got a promising career” and “will absolutely make the playoffs.” Pathetic.

The truth is, because there can only be one top Eagles quarterback in all of our lifetimes, every fan must make a choice, and make it right now: McNabb or Wentz? The morning show asked that very question Monday and yes, the fans have spoken:

Still, it just goes to show how lucky we are to have Carson Wentz. Carson will never get sick on the final drive of the Super Bowl. He’ll never lose three straight NFC championship games. He’ll never get into a bitter, years-long feud with a local boxing champion. If Nelson Agholor demands a new contract during training camp next year, Carson will go to bat for him. And if a busload of Eagles fans had taken a bus up to the draft last year to demand the Birds draft someone else, Wentz wouldn’t have held a grudge. He’d have understood.

Here’s my conspiracy theory: McNabb, of course, lost the NFC Championship Game, to the Arizona Cardinals, back in 2008. Do you think it was a coincidence that he chose another game against Arizona, to show up and upstage his more talented successor?

Anyway, let’s enjoy the ride, Eagles fans. When can we arrange for Jeff Garcia to come and meet Carson?

I’ll give my followers the last word:

Other Philly sports takes:

-Really good point by Colin Cowherd on the radio last week: It was unfair for Philadelphia to “run Andy Reid out of town,” after he went 4-12 in his 14th season.

-Sure, I called for the Phillies to fire Pete Mackanin numerous times throughout the season, especially after he failed to prevent Odubel Herrera baserunning gaffes. But firing him on a Friday instead of Sunday? That’s just classless.

-I’m confident in the Phils’ manager search, as long as they don’t do something ridiculous like interview Ruben Amaro, Jr.

-Yes, the Sixers gave Joel Embiid the same amount of years- and $23 million more dollars- than the Phillies gave Ryan Howard. Good thing Embiid doesn’t have Howard’s injury history.

-Where’s Carson Wentz’s nine-figure contract? Where’s Rhys Hoskins’? I hate how cheap our teams are.

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The NFL’s Great Disgrace on Sunday


The NFL’s Great Disgrace on Sunday

Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday featured an event so foul, so vile, and so disrespectful to America, the flag, our men and women in uniform, and the memories of the fallen that I frankly wonder how anyone could justify watching or purchasing tickets to an NFL game ever again.

I’m speaking, of course, of Doug Pederson’s decision to go for it on 4th and 8 in the second quarter on Sunday. Have you ever, in your life, seen a more disgusting act on a football field? Instead of the usual nonsense, why doesn’t our president send a tweet about that?

Sure, Doug got bailed out by Jake Elliott, who was carried off the field in victory after kicking a game-winning 61-yard field goal, and Carson Wentz leading a game-winning comeback drive, the kind of thing Donovan McNabb failed to do for the last five years of his Eagles career. And yes, turning the ball over to the Giants didn’t technically result in any points, and the Eagles are now 2-1 and tied for first place in the NFC East.

But even so- why should Doug Pederson be let off the hook? Let us count the days until the upcoming reign of Eagles head coach Jim Schwartz and general manager Mike Lombardi.

Sure, something else happened too on Sunday, something disgusting, which also angered a whole lot of people across the nation, and for good reason. I’m speaking, of course, about… Odell Beckham, Jr., making like a dog and pretending to urinate in the Eagles’ end zone in the third quarter. Beckham’s antics marked a new low in the annals of disgusting behavior by Eagles opponents, breaking the record previously held by 15 different acts from over the course of Michael Irvin’s career.

Would a Buddy Ryan-coached team have ever stood for an opposing player doing that, in OUR end zone? Hell no. And because there was no bounty or proper revenge taken, the Eagles know what they have to do: Score a touchdown against the Giants at the Meadowlands, and actually urinate in their end zone. Totally worth the 15-yard penalty, if you ask me.

But thankfully, we have that field goal, and the win, to celebrate. But Angelo made a good point on the morning show Monday: Elliott’s 61-yard field goal was actually 70 yards, if you count the eight yards for the snap. Although if you think about it, Angelo’s math may be off- if you count the 10 yards for the end zone, it was actually 80 yards. What a kick! Elliott is now my favorite Eagles kicker ever, surpassing David Akers and Carey “Murderleg” Spear.

As for that other thing? I’m okay, as long as they keep politics out of Wing Bowl. Sorry, Chris Christie, you can't compete. 


Other Philly sports takes:

-          Former Eagle Nnamdi Asomugha recently co-produced and acted in the movie Crown Heights, which represented Nnamdi’s finest acting role since the time he acted like he deserved $60 million.

-          The Angels are about to be eliminated from the AL Wild Card race, so now’s as good a time as any for the Phillies to make another run at Mike Trout. How about we offer Tommy Joseph, Cesar Hernandez and Ben Lively?

-          How come that radio host in New York got indicted for a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme involving the selling of sports tickets, while Sam Hinkie continues to walk free for the same crime?  

-          Joel Embiid showed up at Sixers media day and says his X-rays are clear, which means he’s only about six months away from returning to action.

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10 reasons to doubt Rhys Hoskins

10 reasons to doubt Rhys Hoskins

Rhys Hoskins. He’s a phenomenon. He’s homered in five straight games and hit 11 homers in his first 64 at-bats. He’s the first and only reason to watch the Phillies this season. He’s what we’ve wanted here in town for a long time: A player who hits a home run, literally, every single day.

So why shouldn’t you be excited about Rhys Hoskins? Oh, many, many reasons:

-Why wasn’t he called up sooner? It’s simple math: if Hoskins had been called up in April instead of August, he would have 115 home runs. Instead, he has just 11, and that’s on Matt Klentak. Disgraceful!

-Is Hoskins from South Jersey? Is he an Eagles season ticket holder? Does he go on hunting trips with Carson Wentz? None of the above. And why hasn’t Hoskins done anything to push the front office for a Mike Trout trade?

-Hoskins looks like the first baseman of the future, but he’s blocked by the entrenched veteran incumbent Tommy Joseph. In fact, the Phillies’ lineup is so loaded that every top prospect must play out of position. So sorry, Rhys, you’re a left fielder now.

-Two words: Domonic Brown.

-Do you know how much money Hoskins is making this season? The rookie minimum of $535,000, pro-rated for one third of the season. So typical of the cheap Phillies, to pay their best player the least money.  

-That said, you just know that as soon as he starts to decline, the Phils will give Hoskins a five-year, $125 million contract that doesn’t kick in for two years, at which point he tears his ACL while grounding out to end a playoff series.

-The other night Hoskins hit a two-run homer in a 17-2 loss to the Cubs. Get used to that exact scenario, because it’s going to happen a whole lot in the coming years.

-Can Hoskins pitch?

-What if the Phillies waste Hoskins’ entire prime?

So in conclusion, get excited about Rhys Hoskins. But not TOO excited. Because there's a chance, however small, that he might not keep this up. 


Other Philly sports takes:

-What can we expect from the Eagles this year? As usual, it all comes down to injuries. If Paul Turner can come back from that fractured scapula by Week 1, I’m thinking 11-5. If not? 7-9.  

-My thoughts on the Soul winning the Arena Bowl again? It may be time for Jaws and Dick Vermeil to be put in charge of the Eagles.

-Why would the Flyers honor Eric Lindros? There hasn’t been a ceremony for the ’75 team in almost two years.

-LeSean McCoy, in town for the Eagles-Bills preseason game two weeks ago, ordered 200 Chickie’s and Pete’s cheesesteaks for his teammates. You have to admire a former Eagle continuing dedication to the 15th-best item on the Chickie’s menu.

-Wide receiver Anquan Boldin retired last week, but not before breaking the all-time NFL record of “most times I’ve demanded the Eagles trade for a guy without it ever happening.”

-The Sixers' new uniforms helpfully include a patch with the name of the website where you can dump your tickets after everyone gets hurt.

-All I’m saying is, if the city of Philadelphia put up a statue of Buddy Ryan, no one would EVER spray paint it or demand to take it down.

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