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Doug Pederson remembers Andy Reid's bye week magic

This week, Doug Pederson is using one of the lessons he learned from Andy Reid. 

He's telling his players to get away. 

The Eagles are sitting at 8-1, the best record in the NFL, at the bye week. And Pederson is telling his players to take a break from football for the next week. 

"Get away from it, clear their minds," Pederson said Monday. "Understand that, yeah, we've started something special, but we want to make sure we finish it the right way."

While Pederson said he wants his players to get away from football, he wants them to stay in shape. That means lifting weights or doing conditioning work. Certainly, any player who stays in the area is welcome to head to the NovaCare Complex to work out or get treatment. 

Pederson said Reid was always "great" about giving his players and coaches some time off during the bye week. And it's hard to argue with Reid's post-bye-week success. Reid is 16-2 all-time coming off a bye week. The Eagles are 0-1 coming off the bye under Pederson. They lost in Week 5 to Detroit last season, but it was a game they should have won. 

The Eagles will have an extra week to prepare for the Cowboys, but Pederson doesn't want to overcomplicate things, either. 

"Keep it familiar with the guys," Pederson said. "You don't come out and recreate and do a lot of things that's not in your schemes. [Reid] was able to do that. I think just being able to refocus the guys was the biggest thing and keeping them on task and not changing a lot of stuff and letting the guys go play again." 

While players will be away from the facility all week, Pederson and his coaches will use some extra time to self scout. On Monday, they watched the film from the Broncos game and made some corrections. They'll use the next few days to go back and watch the first nine games to search for some strong tendencies they might have put on film. 

Later in the week, Pederson's coaches will have some time to spend with their families and rest up for the final seven games of the regular season before what he and the staff hope will be a long playoff run. 

Pederson was asked if it's important for his team to enjoy its success so far. After all, the Eagles have put together an extremely impressive first nine games. 

"We get four, five hours on a Sunday afternoon after a game to enjoy one, and then we're back in the office cranking on the next week," he said. "So I want the coaches and players to enjoy and to look back and reflect on what we've accomplished so far. As great as it is, we still have half a season and seven ballgames left. 

"We've got to come out and enjoy this time this week, reflect on what we've done, but we've got to come back ready to go next week. If you don't take care of business from here on out, it's all for nothing."