Eagles-Cowboys predictions

Eagles-Cowboys predictions

Just like last year, this game means absolutely nothing. Yet unlike last season, the Eagles are the 13-2 team gearing up for the playoffs, while the Cowboys (8-7) were eliminated from playoff contention with their 21-12 loss last Sunday to Seattle. 

Though playoff spots or seeding aren't at stake, a win over the Cowboys would be the Eagles' 14th of the season, which would set a franchise record. A victory would also seal a perfect 8-0 home record. 

It appears Nick Foles will at least start at quarterback for the Eagles, though it seems unlikely he'll play the entire game. He's eager to show what he learned from a rough outing Monday night in the Eagles' 19-10 win over the Raiders (see story).

Eagles fans should, however, get a good look at quarterback Nate Sudfeld and a number of other backups heading into the postseason.

Reuben Frank (14-1)
So I apparently have to put my 14-1 prediction record on the line in a meaningless game where we don’t even know who’s going to play for either team. What’s that all about? The difference between 15-1 and 14-2 is huge. If I go 15-1, that’s a .938 winning percentage. If I finish 14-2, that’s only .875. So how am I supposed to decide whether to pick an Eagles team that could have Sudfeld playing a good portion of the game vs. a Cowboys team that’s finishing a lost season? There’s literally nothing to base a prediction on, so I’m just going to pick the Eagles on general principles. I just don’t see them losing at home. And 15-1 will be so sweet! 

Eagles 20, Cowboys 17

Dave Zangaro (12-3)
The final score in this game doesn't matter. 

This prediction doesn't matter. 

The Eagles will play Foles and hope to see some offensive life. They'll get Sudfeld out there and hope he looks like an NFL quarterback. They'll rest guys who need rest. There are plenty of things to watch in this game — the final score isn't one of them. 

The most important thing for the Eagles is, they don't get hurt. Would it be nice if they got to 14 wins for the first time in franchise history? Sure. 

Doesn't matter. 

Cowboys 26, Eagles 17

Derrick Gunn (12-3)
We've just about reached the finish line of the 2017 NFL season, and while this game is meaningless to the Eagles in terms of playoff positioning, it does have significance for a few reasons. The players say they'd like to finish off this run with a franchise-best 14 regular season wins, and they'd like to head to the postseason on a winning note. But at what cost are the Eagles willing to achieve those goals?

It's no secret the offense needs some work after their Christmas night performance against Oakland, but how long do you keep the starters in? Foles says he's preparing this week to start and work on a few things. Over the last two games, the defense has started at a sluggish pace but finished strong. As for Dallas, the Cowboys are going home after Sunday to begin a long offseason. Head coach Jason Garrett says all healthy bodies will play. 

I say minimize the risk and get the starters out no later than halftime. You can't afford to have another key player injured before the start of the second season. Ezekiel Elliott will play the Birds for the first time this year, and you know Dallas will try to establish their run game. It will be interesting to see how Doug Pederson handles this one. I say Dallas wins this one by default because Pederson pulls everybody he can and we get to see what Sudfeld, who has never played in a regular game, looks like under center.

Cowboys 24, Eagles 20

Ray Didinger (13-2)
Whatever incentive there is in this game belongs to the Cowboys. They are 8-7 so they need this game to finish with a winning record. Also, they are coming off a galling home loss to Seattle so they don't want to finish the season on a two-game skid.

Even with his suspension, Elliott still has a chance to rush for 1,000 yards (he has 880) so he will get plenty of carries, and while the Eagles have the No. 1 defense against the run, most of those guys will be watching this one from the bench in the second half.

This will be like a preseason game, only colder.

Cowboys 21, Eagles 17

Andrew Kulp (13-2)
It hardly seems fair to predict the result of what essentially amounts to a preseason game for the Eagles, but I suppose we may need a 50/50 game like this to create some separation in the standings. And the chances of the Cowboys' starters beating the Eagles' backups probably is around 50/50. After all, Dallas is only a 2.5-point favorite.

My guess is Foles will lead the first-team offense down the field for a quick score on the Eagles' first or second possession, then Sudfeld gets to flail around for the rest of the afternoon. Sudfeld will do OK, because the Cowboys' defense isn't anything to write home about, and may just quit on an offense that hasn't been capable of holding up its end of the bargain all season. A Derek Barnett strip-sack in the fourth quarter either shuts down Dallas' last gasp or puts the Eagles in position for the go-ahead score.

Eagles 20, Cowboys 17

Corey Seidman (10-4) 
The Cowboys were slight favorites early in the week because their key players are expected to play more than the Eagles' key players. Elliott talked this week about itching to play because he missed so much time with the six-game suspension.

As much as I'd like to see the Eagles finish 14-2 for the first time in franchise history, I can't see them holding onto a second-half lead if Sudfeld is under center. 

Who could have possibly predicted that a Week 17 game between the Eagles and Cowboys would have absolutely no meaning? The NFL tries to set up big divisional showdowns in the final week but will get no drama from the NFC East pairings.

Cowboys 20, Eagles 16

Eagles-Jaguars London game time and date set

USA Today Images

Eagles-Jaguars London game time and date set

Now, everything is official.

After finding out in January the Eagles are headed to London, the NFL on Thursday morning confirmed the time and dates for its three regular-season games overseas this season.

The Eagles will square off at Wembley Stadium on Oct. 28. Kick off is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Eastern time.

It will be the Eagles' first London game. Jacksonville has been playing in London in each of the past five seasons.

The other two games are the Titans and Chargers, played on Oct. 12, and the Seahawks and Raiders, set for Oct. 14. 

The NFL will announce its 2018 schedule Thursday night at 8 p.m.

Carson Wentz fought back against jealousy toward Nick Foles

USA Today Images

Carson Wentz fought back against jealousy toward Nick Foles

Was he jealous? Was he envious of Nick Foles? Carson Wentz doesn’t exactly say yes. But he doesn’t say no, either.

“You’ve got to fight that, you’ve got to fight that,” Wentz said Tuesday.

“It’s human nature to want to be on that podium and be the guy. You grow up wanting to be there, but not being able to be up there, there’s nobody I’d rather have up there than Nick.”

Wentz may have been the most valuable player in the NFL, but Foles, his close friend and teammate, is the one with a Super Bowl MVP trophy.

Wentz did everything he could to support Foles once he suffered a season-ending knee injury in early December. And Foles has spoken several times about what a good teammate Wentz was.

But after leading the Eagles to a 10-2 record with 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions, it wasn’t the easiest thing to watch his backup achieve football immortality with a record-setting run through the postseason.

“It was pretty different but pretty special,” Wentz said. “We’ve become so close ever since he first got here. Developed a real friendship, a real relationship, more than just a working relationship, a true friendship between me and him — and Nate (Sudfeld) as well. So to go through that experience last year was pretty cool.”

For now, Foles is back with the Eagles, and depending on how fast Wentz recovers from his injury (see story), he will either begin the season backing up Wentz or starting until Wentz is ready.

This is unprecedented stuff. No quarterback has ever been a Super Bowl MVP and then been a backup on the same team the next year.

Without the right two guys, it wouldn’t work. It couldn’t work.

But Zach Ertz, who is close to both Foles and Wentz, said their unique relationship makes it possible.

“First and foremost, they have an amazing relationship with one another, and I think their faith is part of their relationship,” he said.

“They’re able to step back and just focus on the team. Both guys have no egos, especially Nick. That guy is as cool as they come. He’s a phenomenal teammate, I think everyone saw that come out last year, his ability even at the beginning of the year, what he was able to do with Carson, kind of helping him out.

“When Carson was playing, Nick would be a sounding board. So the dynamic really hasn’t changed in that regard. Even when Nick was playing, Carson did the same thing for him. So that relationship started to grow last year, and I’m assuming it’s going to be the same.”

Foles has made it clear he wants to be a starter (see story), so this could be a difficult situation. But it won’t be, Ertz promises.

“Nick is not a guy that’s going to demand anything,” he said. “Obviously, he could do some things in the best interests of his career down the road, but right now I mean the guy loves being in Philadelphia and I think he’s really having fun in playing football with this team.”