Eagles now forced to depend on Carson Wentz even more

It's hard to imagine tougher losses coming from such a big win. 

Jason Peters is out for the season. So is Jordan Hicks. 

And just like that, there are two more incredibly important players added to the list of incredibly important players lost for the year. 

At the beginning of the season, had someone made a list of players the Eagles couldn't afford to lose, there's a good chance several of these names would be on it.  

Two of five team captains — Peters and Chris Maragos — are gone. So is their stud middle linebacker and defensive quarterback, Hicks. And don't forget about their most versatile offensive weapon, Darren Sproles. 

"When you look at the injury list and the guys that we've lost ... guys that are significant starters and role players and leaders on your football team, captains on your football team, it can make an impact," head coach Doug Pederson said. 

The Eagles have the best record in the NFL at 6-1, but they'll have to go the rest of the way without several of their most crucial pieces and most-respected leaders. 

But they haven't lost their most important piece. 

They still have Carson Wentz. 

And if he keeps up his torrid pace, he's going to mask these losses to injury. 

Wentz isn't just playing well; he's playing at an MVP level. If that continues, the Eagles still have a great chance to coast into the playoffs and then make something special happen as one of the top seeds. 

"You want everybody to play well, obviously," Pederson said, "and if your quarterback is playing well, then yeah, you definitely have a better opportunity and a better chance of winning that game." 

That's not to say losing Peters and Hicks won't hurt. It absolutely will. The Eagles just have no choice but to soldier on. Things felt a little gloomy briefly on Tuesday afternoon when Pederson announced the bad injury news, but he also seemed optimistic about his team's chances of overcoming. 

The Eagles have shown resiliency already this season, continuing their success without key players. "Next man up" has become an overused cliché but it has also served as a rallying cry for the 2017 Eagles. 

Halapoulivaati Vaitai will fill in for Peters. Joe Walker and/or Najee Goode will fill in for Hicks. And the Eagles will face the 49ers on Sunday and the Broncos on the Sunday after that. 

"It's going to take everybody," Pederson said. "It's all hands on deck." 

That's true, of course. To say all the Eagles need is Wentz would be oversimplifying and simply not the case. They need other players to perform as well. 

But on Wednesday, when the team runs back onto the practice fields, No. 11 will be leading the way. 

As long as that's the case, this team might be able to overcome anything.