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Gunn on One: Mychal Kendricks on mental strength, 'wow plays'

Last Sunday, Mychal Kendricks played 79 percent of the defensive snaps against San Francisco. It's the most he's played in a game all year. With Jordan Hicks out, Kendricks is determined to prove to his doubters that he's an every-down linebacker and capable of playing at a consistently high level. He is also a man playing with that proverbial chip on his shoulder. Here's part of my Gunn on One conversation with No. 95.

Gunner: You've been playing all over the field and being disruptive. Is that part of your mentality when you said last week, "When you get a chance to get on the field you ain't got nothing to lose, so play free?"

Kendricks: You hit it on the head. I mean, I only get so many opportunities, so really I'm trying to make the big play, and a lot of the times when you try to make that big play, it comes at a cost. Right now, I honestly feel I have nothing to lose just because there's so few opportunities for me to go out there and capitalize, so that's exactly what I have to do — capitalize.

Gunner: You talk a lot about "wow plays." Describe what that is for you.

Kendricks: Nothing crazy. A wow play is a third-down stop when needed. It's doing something out of the ordinary, and know that if you miss it, you're going to get yelled at (laughter), but you make the play instead. It's a fine line when you make those type of plays. It's a hit or miss thing.

Gunner: Your physical athleticism has never been in question, but tell me how much you've improved in the mental aspect of the game.

Kendricks: It's like clockwork now. Things are slowing down so much, and it feels good because it allows you to play even faster.

Kendricks also talked about another of other topics, including how he won't forgot how little he played in 2016. To hear the extended version of my conversation with him, tune into Eagles Pre Game Live Sunday at noon on NBC Sports Philadelphia.