Perhaps the One Town in the U.S. Where You Can't Watch Phillies Games

Perhaps the One Town in the U.S. Where You Can't Watch Phillies Games

Carlisle, Pennsylvania is one of those towns in the middle-ish of our state that is stuck right in the middle of hometown markets for the Phillies, Orioles, Nationals, and sort of the Pirates. If you're a Phillies fan, good luck trying to find the Fightins on your television set -- or your iPad for that matter.

Here's a pretty interesting look at just how awful life can be in Carlisle if you're a Phillies fan thanks to MLB's blackout policy. Most of you probably know how it works. If you're in a team's "home market" then you can't watch those games on MLB TV online or on your mobile device. Alas, Carlisle is technically in the Phillies home market, but their games are rarely broadcast on television there, according to Linus Edwards, who writes:

In Carlisle, while it is technically a home market for the Philadelphia
Phillies, almost none of their regular season broadcasts are shown here.
In most areas of the Phillies home market, games are shown on the
Philadelphia Comcast Sportsnet channel, however, in Carlisle we get the
bizarro Mid-Atlantic Comcast Sportsnet channel which doesn't show any
Phillies games and mostly concentrates on Washington and Baltimore

Thus, as long as I am standing in Carlisle, PA, I can’t watch Phillies
broadcasts. However, if I go a half hour to the west in Chambersburg,
PA, Phillies games are not shown on television, but also are not blacked
out in the packages. If I go a half hour to the east in Harrisburg,
PA, Phillies games are blacked out in the packages, but shown on local
television. Therefore, this tiny strip of land in Central PA is the only
spot in the entire country that one can not legally watch Phillies
games. It is purgatory for a Phillies fan.

That's a pretty tough call. Having to go to Chambersburg or give up on watching the Phillies. I think I'd stick with Franzke and L.A.

Either way, the blackout rules suck for many people. I have a feeling they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

Any of you people have a similar horror story?

[joke about how not having to watch the Phillies saves you from the horror]

>>The sad state of MLB's blackout policy [VintageZen]

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NBC Sports Philadelphia Internship - Advertising/Sales


NBC Sports Philadelphia Internship - Advertising/Sales

Position Title: Intern
Department: Advertising/Sales
Company: NBC Sports Philadelphia
# of hours / week: 10 – 20 hours

Deadline: November 20

Basic Function

This position will work closely with the Vice President of Sales in generating revenue through commercial advertisements and sponsorship sales. The intern will gain first-hand sales experience through working with Sales Assistants and AEs on pitches, sales-calls and recapping material.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist Account Executive on preparation of Sales Presentations
• Cultivate new account leads for local sales
• Track sponsorships in specified programs
• Assist as point of contact with sponsors on game night set up and pre-game hospitality elements.
• Assist with collection of all proof of performance materials.
• Perform Competitive Network Analysis
• Update Customer database
• Other various projects as assigned


1. Good oral and written communication skills.
2. Knowledge of sports.
3. Ability to work non-traditional hours, weekends & holidays
4. Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment
5. Must be 19 years of age or older
6. Must be a student in pursuit of an Associate, Bachelor, Master or Juris Doctor degree
7. Must have unrestricted authorization to work in the US
8. Must have sophomore standing or above
9. Must have a 3.0 GPA

Interested students should apply here and specify they're interested in the ad/sales internship.

About NBC internships

Markelle Fultz quietly shows growth as Sixers plan to expand his role

Markelle Fultz quietly shows growth as Sixers plan to expand his role

Things weren’t going well for Markelle Fultz in his home debut.

Fultz missed all three of his shot attempts after entering the game in the first quarter. Two of those were blocked, with one a filthy snuff on a layup by the man he will be connected to forever: Jayson Tatum.

In between misfires, the No. 1 overall pick committed two personal fouls. The second came on a three-point shot by Terry Rozier III.

After 4:34 of action, Fultz slinked his way back to the bench.

And then a literal weight was lifted off his ailing shoulder.

Fultz returned to the court late in the second and immediately went on the attack. He drove right to the rim on Tatum and forced a foul.

That meant the 19-year-old with the banged-up right shoulder had to step to the free throw line and show off that oft-criticized shooting form.

Splash. Splash.

The points elicited a roar from the crowd and even a slight reaction from Fultz.

“Just a little smile at the fans. I saw somebody on the baseline just looking, so I just smiled,” Fultz said.

“It’s something I’ve been working on to get through this, so I was happy.”

Happy, but not content.

From that moment, Fultz looked like a different player. Not statistically as he finished with just six points on 2 for 9 shooting with three rebounds, one assist and one steal in the Sixers102-92 loss in their home opener.

However, the guard played with more energy on both ends of the court. He continued to drive hard to the basket offensively while he fought through screens and battled bigger bodies on D.

“I think I have a lot to improve on, but I also think I’m learning each night I come out and taking baby steps to improve on the stuff I did last game,” Fultz said. “I think I’m in a pretty good spot, but I’ve got a lot of work to do.”

One thing the team has learned so far is to get Fultz coming off more screens at the top of the key. Sixers head coach Brett Brown liked what he saw when Fultz had the ball in his hands with the reserves and was able to get downhill in a hurry off pick plays.

“I think it’s going to be something where we put him in more pick-and-rolls to try to get him more in the middle of the floor,” Brown said. “How we do that, I see it quite clearly. I think lately just trying to get him up and down the floor and get his fitness base and find some level of confidence has been most on my mind. But I agree with you, he has a skill that we have to tap into.”

“I’m just working on being wherever I need to be to help this team win,” Fultz said. “Pick-and-roll is one of the things I feel like I’m good at, so if that’s helping the team win I’m going to go do it.”

But that doesn’t mean Fultz is about to go rogue and start calling his own number all the time. Despite being the top pick in June’s draft, he knows this team’s engine starts with Joel Embiid, particularly when the big man is in the paint.

“If he’s in the game and he’s in the post, get him the ball,” Fultz said. “Whether I’m off the ball to screen away. If I’ve got the ball in my hands, find him. Whenever he’s on the floor we’ve got to find a way to get him the ball. He’s a great passer, so he’s going to draw a lot of attention. Any time he’s in there we have to get him the ball.”

A nodding Embiid agreed from a few feet away at his own locker.

“He’s right,” the big man said between bites of an apple. “That’s the right answer.”

The rookie is a fast learner.