How Jeff Lurie almost bought the Patriots

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How Jeff Lurie almost bought the Patriots

For most of his life, it looked like it was Jeff Lurie's fate to own the Patriots.

"I was an obsessed Patriots fan growing up … the Pats were my team," Lurie said in an interview with ESPN's Adam Schefter. "Not anymore.” 

Lurie, who grew up in West Newton, Massachusets, told Schefter that his love of football and the Patriots came from his father, who passed away from kidney cancer when Lurie was 9 years old. 

Lurie bid for the Patriots, but was beaten out by current New England owner Robert Kraft, who bought the team for $175 million in Jan. 1994. Three months later, Lurie purchased the Eagles for $195 million.

In his conversation with Schefter, Lurie recalls he initially thought he made a big mistake in buying the Eagles. 

“I do remember when I made the investment, I think the Wall Street Journal said this was the dumbest investment of the year. It was an emotional investment, it had no basis in reality," Lurie said. "And the crazy thing is, I thought they were right.” 

Twenty-three-plus years later, it looks like Lurie made a genius move. He'd love to beat out Kraft and bring the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia for the first time tonight.

Legendary mural shows heroic eagle impaling Tom Brady

Dan McQuade

Legendary mural shows heroic eagle impaling Tom Brady

The Mona Lisa. The Sistine Chapel. This mural in Philly.

Is this the greatest piece of artwork ever created? Probably. 

Whoever painted this should be given a key to the city. 

Alexa changes tune, takes jab at Patriots

Alexa changes tune, takes jab at Patriots

Don't worry, Eagles fans.

Amazon's Alexa isn't changing her Super Bowl LII prediction.

She's just adding some juice.

Remember when Alexa said she was taking the Eagles because of their "relentless defense" and "underdog status?"

Well, that's still the case.

But Alexa decided to tweak things by throwing a little shade at the Patriots.

Now when you ask, here's Alexa's response, which you can watch in the video above.

The team favored to win is the … *cough* … is the … *cough* … excuse me, is the Patriots. That was tough to get out. But I'm flying with the Eagles on this one because of their relentless defense and the momentum they've been riding off their underdog status. E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!

If the Eagles take down the Patriots on Sunday night, expect to see Alexa partying down Broad Street.