Report: Phils Strong Player for Aramis Ramirez (UPDATED)

Report: Phils Strong Player for Aramis Ramirez (UPDATED)

The Phillies made a big splash in free agency by signing the No. 1 closer on the market a few weeks back, but not many fans in Philadelphia thought that would be Ruben Amaro Jr.'s only eye-popping move of the offseason.

The most interesting rumbling to come out of the meetings in Dallas this morning involves third baseman Aramis Ramirez, who Joe Capozzi of the Marlins beat says the Phillies are a "strong players for."

Obviously the Phils still have Placido Polanco under contract next season but he was banged up for much of 2011. Is it possible the Phillies would use Polly as a super utility man of sorts. Giving guys spot rests throughout the entire infield? Not sure if a guy of Polanco's pedigree and salary level has ever been used in such a situation. And Todd Zolecki guesses Ramirez could be "a backup plan if the Phillies can’t reach an agreement with Jimmy Rollins."

Ramirez started his career with the Pirates before turning into a star with the Cubs. He hit an impressive .306 last season with 93 RBIs and a .361 OBP good for a .871 OPS. MLB Trade Rumors believes the 33-year-old is looking for either a four-year deal or a three-year deal with an option.

UPDATE: According to Ken Rosenthal, the Phils could be shopping Polly:

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Rival exec: #Phillies
actively trying to move Polanco. Would clear 3B for A. Ramirez. #MLB
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NBC Sports Philadelphia Internship - Advertising/Sales


NBC Sports Philadelphia Internship - Advertising/Sales

Position Title: Intern
Department: Advertising/Sales
Company: NBC Sports Philadelphia
# of hours / week: 10 – 20 hours

Deadline: November 20

Basic Function

This position will work closely with the Vice President of Sales in generating revenue through commercial advertisements and sponsorship sales. The intern will gain first-hand sales experience through working with Sales Assistants and AEs on pitches, sales-calls and recapping material.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist Account Executive on preparation of Sales Presentations
• Cultivate new account leads for local sales
• Track sponsorships in specified programs
• Assist as point of contact with sponsors on game night set up and pre-game hospitality elements.
• Assist with collection of all proof of performance materials.
• Perform Competitive Network Analysis
• Update Customer database
• Other various projects as assigned


1. Good oral and written communication skills.
2. Knowledge of sports.
3. Ability to work non-traditional hours, weekends & holidays
4. Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment
5. Must be 19 years of age or older
6. Must be a student in pursuit of an Associate, Bachelor, Master or Juris Doctor degree
7. Must have unrestricted authorization to work in the US
8. Must have sophomore standing or above
9. Must have a 3.0 GPA

Interested students should apply here and specify they're interested in the ad/sales internship.

About NBC internships

Fran Dunphy and Herb Magee to host an exhibition for charity

US Presswire

Fran Dunphy and Herb Magee to host an exhibition for charity

Two legendary Philadelphia basketball coaches will square off for charity.

Temple’s Fran Dunphy and Jefferson’s (Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University) Herb Magee will have their teams face off at the Liacouras Center on Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m.

All ticket sales will be donated to One America Appeal to help those impacted by recent hurricanes that hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

“When the opportunity presented itself to play an exhibition game to raise money for the people suffering from the recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, we knew right away that we needed to be a part of it,” Dunphy said in a statement. "I called my good friend, Herb Magee, one of the most respected men in the business, and he felt the same way. This gives our fans a rare opportunity to see our programs compete while also helping out those in need.”

“It is a tremendous opportunity for our team,” Magee said. “Coach Dunphy and I have been friends for a long time. We talked about playing one day and that time is now. We're looking forward to it, especially as we begin our new era as the Jefferson Rams. Being able to provide aid to those impacted by the recent natural disasters makes this game that much more special.”

Temple requested a waiver from the NCAA to play this exhibition for charity.

The Owls tip off their season against Old Dominion in the Charleston Classic on Nov. 16, while the Rams travel to Anaheim, California to open Concordia on Nov. 3.