The Sixers' Attendance Numbers Don't Match Their Play

The Sixers' Attendance Numbers Don't Match Their Play

Once the new Sixers ownership took over the team, we wrote a post making some suggestions as to how they could improve their product. We talked about many of the bells and whistles off the court and also made some lame Charles Barkley jokes. But Kulp, our voice of reason, summarized the real bottom line thusly:
No matter what attractions are added to the show, people are going to
either love it or hate it, but the one constant is they will go to the
game as long as it is affordable and/or the team is good.
You'd think, right?

Well the team is certainly winning and the ownership did a really nice job lowering ticket prices to make getting into the building quite easy for almost anyone who wants to come enjoy a game. But the fans haven't showed up just yet.

CSN's Ruben Frank writes about the lack of support for the red hot squad. Here are the numbers:
Through five home dates, the 76ers are averaging
13,402 fans per game. That ranks 29th out of 30 NBA teams. Since drawing
19,408 for the home opener, the 76ers have averaged less than 12,000
per night.
Ugly stuff.

I have a few theories as to why people aren't showing up just yet. For starters, the games they have played at home weren't against teams that people would come out to see. I'm guessing the simple fact that they played the Pistons, Raptors, Pacers, Kings, and Wizards. I'd bet the casual observer couldn't name two players on any of those teams.

The second part is that it takes time. This *is* a great Sixers basketball team, but we didn't know that three weeks ago before the season tipped off. The buzz is building, but getting to a game, especially with kids, takes a bit of planning.

I think you'll see those numbers Roob cited early steadily rise as the season gets older. It will be interesting to see the kind of numbers teams like the Magic and Heat will bring to the Wells Fargo Center in the coming weeks.

The current attendence numbers are discouraging, but we want to keep telling ourselves that it takes time, that it will eventually be a hot ticket to watch the talented Sixers in South Philly.

We'll close by asking the same question Roob asked: what's keeping you away?

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Brown says 'nobody has any fears' over long-term impact on Fultz's shot

USA Today Images

Brown says 'nobody has any fears' over long-term impact on Fultz's shot

DETROIT — If you’re under the impression Markelle Fultz’s shooting game has been affected by his sore right shoulder, you’re not alone.

Sixers coach Brett Brown thinks so, too.

“There’s no doubt that it factors into what people question right now about his shot. There’s no doubt,” Brown said prior to the Sixers’ matchup Monday night in Detroit. “You don’t just walk a certain way for a long period of your life, and then all of the sudden, start to limp.”

Brown’s comments come on the heels of another worrisome shooting performance from Fultz, who made just 1 of 5 shots en route to six points in Saturday’s 128-94 blowout loss in Toronto.

It marked the second straight game Fultz logged only six points after he made just 2 of 9 shots in the Sixers’ home-opening loss to the Boston Celtics.

“(Fultz) doesn’t let on much. He doesn’t want to let on much,” Brown said. “But nobody’s hiding anything. It’s just, none of us can dismiss that it doesn’t factor into some of the shooting concerns that he might have. 

“What I do know is that the work he puts in, the work on his shoulder, all that stuff, nobody is dramatizing it. It’s consistent and I think it’s heading into the path that we want.”

Brown acknowledged that Fultz’s shoulder woes remain a cause for concern. That said, it appears Brown has no intention of sitting the 19-year-old sharpshooter, who has yet to attempt a three-pointer in his first three regular-season games, despite shooting 41.3 percent from behind the arc in his lone season season at the University of Washington.

“I’m trying to grow him and find minutes for him, and become a part of what we’re doing,” Brown said. “He’s obviously a huge part of our future. That kind of stuff is what’s mostly on my mind.”

Asked whether he had concerns about whether continuing to play Fultz could affect his shot down the road, Brown was quick to dismiss the notion, citing the opinion of the team’s medical staff. 

“I’m advised mostly by the medical people — that’s what I get worried about the most. And nobody has any fears,” Brown said. “Like we’ve said to Markelle, this is not going to define him. This first season is not going to define him. 

“He’s so compliant. When you really dig in deeper, and not get tricked by just statistics, he’s been good. He really has been good.”