Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham says buying a couch 'no time to fumble'


Brandon Graham says buying a couch 'no time to fumble'

Brandon Graham is a Super Bowl hero. He made one of the biggest plays in Philadelphia Eagles history. B-Graham reached legend status in this city.

He'll also sell you a couch.

Thankfully, the folks over at Mealey's Furniture shared the outtakes from Graham's commercials and lets just say Tom Brady wasn't the only one who fumbled.

I think it's safe to say he was... mealy-mouthed.

Thank you and goodnight!


X's and O's — How Eagles should utilize Michael Bennett

X's and O's — How Eagles should utilize Michael Bennett

Jim Schwartz gets another cog in an already impressive defensive front four in Michael Bennett, who fits the scheme Schwartz wants to run. 

Bennett can play both defensive end and tackle at a Pro Bowl level. Bennett’s pass rush, I would say, mainly consists of moves that come from his power. The initial step is always toward the QB, which forces the O-lineman to punch or grab him. As an OL myself, I wanted to be the first to initiate contact because I knew the snap count and the direction I wanted the defender to go. Bennett is so explosive and physical with his first step that he forces the issue. It's constant pressure on the O-line, always working toward the ball. 

Bennett also has very good hands. Good pass rushers never allow an O-lineman to get his hands on them. (Hand-to-hand combat in the trenches is where the game is won on passing downs.) Bennett is pretty good at using Mr. Miyagi's wax-on, wax-off technique as he knocks an O-lineman's hands off of him on his way to the QB.

The Eagles will use Bennett across the defensive line at every position but probably the most at DT. With the probable departure of Beau Allen to free agency, depth would have been a problem. Not anymore.

There will be serious competition at the starting DT opposite of Fletcher Cox. Yes, Tim Jernigan earned his extension last year, but Bennett will push to be a starter. Schwartz rewards results with more playing time and Bennett is good enough to compete as a starter in the middle at DT.

From an X's and O's breakdown, Bennett can be a major factor in the middle on pass-rush downs. On third down, the Eagles like to use Nascar personnel — three defensive ends and Cox. It’s hard to imagine being an offensive coordinator game-planning which D-lineman to double-team and which to chip with a running back. Which way do you slide the protection? 

Think about the Eagles D-line rotation OCs will have to prepare for. You'll have Brandon Graham-Cox-Jernigan-Derek Barnett or Graham-Cox-Bennett-Barnett or Chris Long-Bennett-Graham-Barnett. Prepare for a lot of QB-crushing hits from a top-notch defensive line that just got even more versatile.

Howie Roseman not as concerned with Eagles' salary cap as you

Howie Roseman not as concerned with Eagles' salary cap as you

INDIANAPOLIS — When you win a Super Bowl in storybook fashion, you want to keep everyone involved. Unfortunately, the NFL is nonfiction and what you want oftentimes pales to the reality of real-world stuff like free agency, salary caps, age and injury. And in assistant coaches cases, promotions. People leave, that's life. 

So Howie Roseman is in a tricky spot. Trying to balance hanging on to a core of players who achieved the ultimate in their sport and had great chemistry while also being excellent teammates.

"It's hard to avoid looking at those guys, guys who have done unbelievable things for your team and have great character and separating it from what we need to do going forward," Roseman said Wednesday from the NFL Scouting Combine.

Something's gotta give, though. The Eagles are over the projected salary cap and have some decisions to make not only on players who are free agents but ones under contract as well.

Nigel Bradham, Trey Burton, Patrick Robinson and LeGarrette Blount are among the free agents.

Jason Peters will play at 36 coming off a major injury. Brandon Graham has one year left on his deal but wants a new contract. Brent Celek is the longest tenured Philadelphia athlete but he's a third-stringer who's played 11 seasons and is scheduled to make $4 million in 2018.

On Wednesday at the combine, Roseman made it a point to let everyone know cap restrictions will not dictate his approach.

"We're not on short sale, we're comfortable with our roster, our flexibility to make moves we have to make," Roseman said. "We are not going to make decisions, get rid of good players because of our cap situation." 

Balancing the books is Roseman's wheelhouse, so while things may look bleak on that front now, he's been quite creative in the past in maintaining while also filling out roster needs. But this offseason is a little more tricky than years past. Who will stay? Who will go? Only Howie knows.