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Charles Barkley won a ton of money on Eagles winning Super Bowl


Charles Barkley won a ton of money on Eagles winning Super Bowl

Charles Barkley is beloved in this city unlike many others, so when Chuck talks about how he experienced the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory, we are most certainly here for it.

Sir Charles visited Jimmy Kimmel Live and spoke about winning money on the Eagles Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots.

Jimmy asked Chuck just how much money he won betting on the Birds.

“In Alabama, it’d buy a big condo,” Barkley said with a smile. “In L.A., a small guest house.”

That's more than I won.

Charles told a story about how he was in Philly for the NFC Championship Game and stayed downtown, warning Minnesota Vikings fans about our crazy fans.

“It’s a Philadelphia Eagles town by far.”

He also told a story about playing drunk once in a game for the Sixers.

“I have no idea what happened that game,” he said. “I was blasted, not going to lie.”

Thankfully he said that was the only time he played while intoxicated. I'm going to guess he had a few cold ones after the Eagles won the Super Bowl too. Love you, Chuck.

You can see more from the interview below. Chuck says he hasn't played ball since he retired.

Charles Barkley surprises Sixers, tells them to 'make the playoffs'

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Charles Barkley surprises Sixers, tells them to 'make the playoffs'

CAMDEN, N.J. — Charles Barkley has been vocal over the summer about his expectations for the Sixers to make the playoffs

This week, he let them know.

Head coach Brett Brown hosted the Sixers at his home for a team gathering on Monday. The team arranged for Barkley to arrive as a surprise guest for the players. 

Barkley delivered his message loud and clear.

“Pretty much, make the playoffs,” Richaun Holmes said on Tuesday at training camp.  

Barkley, a Hall of Fame inductee in 2006, spent eight seasons in Philadelphia. He saw his number retired in 2001. The Sixers watched highlights of his storied career during the night. 

“He had some really encouraging words for us and talked to us about what it means to play in Philly and his experience,” Kris Humphries said. “Above all, Chuck’s always entertaining, so [we] had some good laughs, too.”

The Sixers are on board with Barkley’s aspirations. This season they have the opportunity to make the jump among the top eight teams in the East. Between adding to their roster and opponents trading away key players, the conference is wide open for new faces in the postseason. 

“Our goal is to make the playoffs,” Brown said. “There are several other teams … that are in a room saying something similar. For me, let’s talk about what that really means and let’s very much zoom in on the things that will allow us to do that.” 

The Sixers will strive to play beyond April 11. The team knows the steps it has to take in order for Barkley to say, "I told you so." 

“I feel once everybody’s on the same page and doesn’t care about anything but winning … that’s when I think we’ll be a great team,” Amir Johnson said. 

The Charles Barkley-Ron Hextall bromance has reached the gift level

Photos courtesy of Zack Hill

The Charles Barkley-Ron Hextall bromance has reached the gift level

Charles Barkley and Ron Hextall are two of the most beloved Philadelphia athletes of all time. They both happened to play during the same era of Philly sports, so it's no surprise they have a mutual respect for each other.

You may recall earlier this year when Chuck mentioned his Hextall fandom: "I started following hockey actually in Birmingham, Alabama," Barkley said. "They had a team called the Bulls back in the day. That was my first recollection of hockey. Then when I got to Philadelphia, my favorite hockey player of all time is Ron Hextall. I got to know him and Eric Lindros going to a bunch of Flyers games."

The former Flyers goalie-turned-GM was flattered initially.

"I laughed when I heard that," Hextall told reporters in June. "We had a bit of a relationship back in the day. He was at a lot of our games obviously. There's a mutual respect there. I certainly liked the way Charles played — a hard game, very emotional, gave it all he had out on the court."

"I'm honored to be talked about by Charles for sure."

Well, now the relationship has taken the next step to the gifting stage of the bromance.

Sir Charles was a guest on the Mike Missanelli Show on Tuesday and they had a personalized Hextall jersey all ready for him. Ron even wrote a nice little note to go along with his autograph.

(Pictures from Zack Hill, Philadelphia Flyers.)