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Nicknames 2008 Phillies will use for Players Weekend


Nicknames 2008 Phillies will use for Players Weekend

Silver Fox?
The 2008 Phillies will go down as one of the most loved teams to ever play in the city of Philadelphia, and while most have moved on, the nicknames we called them back in the day, and some we didn’t, will appear on real Major League Baseball jerseys this season.
During the weekend of August 25-27, the first-ever Players Weekend will allow Major Leaguers to wear nicknames on the back of new-look jerseys for the first time. Here’s what the current Phillies team will look like, which features some interesting nicknames.
Here’s a look at how the still-active members of the 2008 World Series team will suit up.
Chase Utley, embracing his age and look, will be known as Silver Fox.

Cole Hamels, as he was known with the Phillies, will be Hollywood.

Chooch, will be known as Chooch.

Jayson Werth will simply be known as Dub.

Ryan Madson will wear Blest. Perhaps “Bridge to Lidge” was too long.

Joe Blanton will slim down his name, as he has his appearance, to Joe B.

J.A. Happ will go with Happer.

Max Scherzer had some fun booing Phillies fans after they booed Werth

Max Scherzer had some fun booing Phillies fans after they booed Werth

It feels like every other season we have to go on record saying that we don't really understand the whole booing Jayson Werth thing. The guy took a fantastic deal with a rival when the Phillies weren't going to pay him anything close to what he got.

It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Now, that said, when he actually does something to hurt the Phillies like he did on Sunday (and pretty much any time he faces the Phils), then boo away. Boo all you want.

It feels good to boo.

Max Scherzer appears to have learned as much.

The Washington Nationals' ace looked like he was having fun mocking Phillies fans for booing Werth. He booed right back.

Werth had a beast of a day in the Nationals loss with 4 hits including a pair of homers.

The bearded one, for his part, seems to be enjoying his role as a Phillies killer.

“All I hear is cheers," Werth said after the Phils trumped his two-homer day in a 6-5, 10-inning win Sunday. "There's a lot of love going on out there.”

Once a Phillies fan favorite, Jayson Werth hears only the 'cheers' with Nationals

Once a Phillies fan favorite, Jayson Werth hears only the 'cheers' with Nationals

A key member of the Phillies' 2008 World Series championship team will return to Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday night.
Carlos Ruiz will be in town with the Seattle Mariners for a quick, two-game interleague set.
Ruiz was a backbone performer behind the plate on some of the best teams the Phillies ever assembled. However, at 38, he is no longer the same player he was during his prime in Philadelphia. He comes to town playing just part time and hitting .115.
Nonetheless, Ruiz, always a fan favorite, will most definitely get a nice reception when he returns to Philadelphia. Jimmy Rollins got it. Chase Utley got it. Ruiz will get it.
Ruiz isn't the only member of the '08 champions to come through town this week.
Jayson Werth, a regular visitor with the NL East rival Washington Nationals, was back this weekend and he capped his visit with two home runs Sunday.
Unlike Rollins and Utley — and Ruiz on Tuesday night — Werth doesn't hear a lot of cheers when he returns to Philadelphia. Part of that is the perception that he jilted Philadelphia when he became a free agent after the 2010 season. That could not be farther from the truth. The Nationals offered Werth $126 million, about $80 million more than the Phillies did. The Phillies were looking to spend their money in other areas of the roster and knew their offer would be dwarfed on the open market. Werth had no choice but to take the money and leave. Anyone in his spikes would have done the same thing. 
But that's probably not the reason Werth is often booed in Philadelphia.
The boos rain down on him because he encourages them with his performance — people don't boo bad players — and his quiet love for playing the villain's role.
Werth plays the role of villain quite nicely against his former club. Sunday's two-homer game raised his career totals to 22 homers (his most against any foe) and 76 RBIs against the Phils.
Like we said, only good players get booed.
“All I hear is cheers," Werth said after the Phils trumped his two-homer day in a 6-5, 10-inning win Sunday. "There's a lot of love going on out there.”
Including his four seasons with the Phils, Werth has 67 career homers at Citizens Bank Park. Only Ryan Howard (198), Utley (129), Rollins (94) and Pat Burrell (76) have more. All were key members of the 2008 World Series title team.
“I’ve always liked hitting here, liked playing here," Werth said. "It’s a hitter's park, good batter’s eye.”
Next season will be the 10-year anniversary of that 2008 team's feat and there will likely be a fete at Citizens Bank Park. A number of players from that club are already retired and others are close, so the turnout of members of that team would likely be pretty good.
But two weeks shy of his 38th birthday, Werth plans on being too busy to attend the ceremony next year.
“I’m probably going to have a game that day," he said. “I would think that since I was on that team I’d probably be a part of that celebration. But maybe not next year. Maybe like the 15-year or the 20-year for sure.”
There is one way to ensure Werth's attendance at next year's anniversary party.
This is the seventh and final year of his contract in Washington. He is a free agent after this season. 

Stranger things have happened.