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Fans get to vote on team name for new NLL Philly Lacrosse team

Fans get to vote on team name for new NLL Philly Lacrosse team

The name of Philadelphia’s new professional lacrosse team will be up to you.

At a press conference Thursday morning at the Wells Fargo Center, Comcast Spectator announced that Philadelphia will be getting a new NLL team, and the name will be determined by a fan vote.

“We are asking the fans to come up with the best team names and then the best names will be put into a poll for the fans to vote on,” Lindsey Masciangelo, executive director of business operations for the team, said. “We believe this is our team, the team of the city, so our fans will ultimately get to decide the name of the team.”

We know how Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney would vote — he said Thursday he is partial to bringing back the name Wings.

"I like the Wings, I'm just going to tell you right now. I'm a Wings fan," Kenney said.

“It is such a thrill to see Lacrosse come back to Philadelphia. Lacrosse is a natural for Philadelphia. It is fast, it is hard-hitting, it is tough and it represents a lot of what we like to watch in sports.” 

Philadelphia hasn't had an NLL team since 2014, when the Wings moved to Connecticut and became the New England Black Wolves. The Wings were first established in 1986 and played at the Spectrum and the Wells Fargo Center. The Wings won six championships.

The team in Philadelphia will become the 11th franchise in the NLL and will start playing in the 2018-19 season.

The National Lacrosse League has a Philadelphia tie in commissioner Nick Sakiewicz, the former CEO of the Philadelphia Union.

"Well Philly, here we go again — you spoke and we heard you," Sakiewicz said Thursday. "Returning NLL to Philadelphia is extremely important. It's the home of the league office and it helps us in accomplishing another initiative in our strategic plan. There's a very rich tradition here. ... This is an amazing sports town.

"Going into our 32nd season, there's no doubt the NLL is growing. We've created a significant amount of momentum over the last 18 months with major changes and major announcements." 

Within the last year, NLL launched an over-the-top digital streaming platform with over 25,000 subscribers. The league also began streaming a Game of the Week on Twitter, which generated 350,000 views. The league's five-year plan includes a commitment to league expansion and that is underway with Philadelphia and Comcast Spectacor entering the mix.

"Another great reason for this partnership [is that] it's no secret that Comcast Spectacor and its parent company is a leader in sports programming and we're excited to tap into their knowledge and expertise in that area."

Mayor Kenney fires back, says 'bitter' Christie has 'nowhere to go'

Mayor Kenney fires back, says 'bitter' Christie has 'nowhere to go'

The single biggest scandal of Chris Christie's political career isn't going away anytime soon. 

No, forget Bridge-Gate. 

Because earlier this week, the governor of New Jersey ripped Philadelphia fans, calling them "generally angry, awful people." He also characterized Citizens Bank Park as an unsafe place. 

This ill-advised rant on SNY TV has been met with the exact responses you'd imagine. Fans scoffed, the Phillies threw some shade and Larry Bowa extended a friendly invitation. 

But Philadelphia's mayor, Jim Kenney, might have had the best response of all. On 94WIP this morning, he actually managed to paint the blowhard politician into a somewhat sympathetic and disconsolate figure. 

Sort of. 

"You’re gonna think this is strange for me to say this, but I kind of feel sorry for the guy,” Kenney said to the 94WIP Morning Show. “He’s got the biggest 'L' on his forehead of anybody in the country. He’s the most unpopular [governor] of the state of New Jersey in history. He threw all of his people under the bus after he shut the bridge down, he’s gonna send some of those guys to jail. He ran for president for one hot-mess minute and then when that was over he was moon-dogging (Donald) Trump thinking he was going to get a big job but forgot that he put Jared Kushner’s father in jail. So he wasn’t going to become an attorney general.

“And now I think he’s just bitter and has got nowhere to go. Who’s gonna hire him? He can’t get elected to anything ever again and what corporation would ever take him on based on the all nasty things he said and the confrontations he's created. I just think he’s just done.”

Kenney 1, Christie 0. 

Ed Rendell, Jim Kenney roast Chris Christie for ripping Eagles fans

Ed Rendell, Jim Kenney roast Chris Christie for ripping Eagles fans

What a week it's been for Chris Christie. 

After watching his top-seeded Cowboys be picked apart by Aaron Rodgers in the divisional round, and being passed over for a position in Donald Trump's administration, the New Jersey governor called Eagles fans "generally angry, awful people."

He can now add being torched by former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell and Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney to that list. 

"You understand how his approval rating is probably the lowest of any governor in the country," Rendell said. 

(Three fire emojis).

"In retrospect, the governor's had a pretty rough couple years," Kenney said. "His presidential campaign crashed and burned, his bromance with the President-Elect didn't seem to go anywhere. I understand why he may be a little bitter or angry."

Boom. Roasted.

Rendell goes on to explain the difference between gritty Eagles fans who eat nails for breakfast and nerdy Cowboys fans that eat brie and drink wine on gameday.

"I once went down (to Dallas) to see a Cowboys-Eagles game," Rendell said. "I couldn't believe how blasé the fans were. First of all, they were drinking wine and eating brie. Now I venture to say that brie has never made its way inside of the Linc or Vet."

Watch the full video for more.