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Eagles prevent Texans from interviewing rising front office star

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Eagles prevent Texans from interviewing rising front office star

The Eagles aren't losing Joe Douglas without a fight.

News of the Texans' interest in Douglas to fill their vacant general manager post came out Friday, but the Eagles aren't simply going to let their top personnel man walk. 

According to MMQB's Albert Breer, the Eagles have denied the Texans' initial request to interview Douglas for the opening.

The Eagles are able to deny the request for now because they're still in the playoffs. That will buy them some time, but because this vacant job comes with final say on roster decisions, they won't be able to block the Texans forever.

Douglas is already the Eagles' vice president of player personnel, but perhaps they could give him a fancy new title and a pay raise to try to keep him. They have to do whatever they can because Douglas has been with the Eagles since just May 2016 and has completely revamped their scouting department. Losing him would arguably be worse than losing one of their assistant coaches.

When Jeff Lurie reinstated Howie Roseman to power, it came on the condition Roseman find a top-notch personnel man to bring in. Roseman found Douglas and the two have seemingly been working well together. While Roseman is known for his contract work and ability to pull off trades, Douglas is a scouting man who excels in the draft.

The Texans reportedly want to move quickly to replace Rick Smith, who is stepping away from his post as GM to care for his wife Tiffany, who is suffering from breast cancer.

If the Texans do want to fill the spot soon, the Eagles' winning in the playoffs, it could go a long way in keeping Douglas in-house.

Eagles in danger of losing critical front office member

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Eagles in danger of losing critical front office member

Maybe the Eagles are in danger of losing more than just their assistant coaches. 

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Eagles vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas is one of the people the Texans are interested in for their open general manager position. 

Douglas is one of six names McClain has on their list. 

Douglas is under contract and the Eagles will likely do everything they can to block the Texans, but it becomes tougher because the Texans' new GM will have "full authority over personnel." 

The Eagles hired Douglas in May of 2016 to take over the personnel department. When Jeff Lurie put Howie Roseman back into power, one of the conditions was that he find a top-notch personnel man. That man was Douglas. As far as we know, the two have been able to work well together. 

Douglas brought Andy Weidl with him and made Weidl the assistant director of player personnel as he revamped the scouting department.

A longtime member of the Ravens' front office, Douglas spent a short time in Chicago before taking the job with the Eagles. He was thought to have a huge role in the draft and his influence has been felt with other moves too. His fingerprints have been all over some major moves, like trading for Tim Jernigan, signing Alshon Jeffery and drafting Derek Barnett and others. 

The Eagles have taken over Douglas' scouting philosophy, so losing him would be a huge blow. They need to do everything they can to keep him happy. 

The Texans have an opening at GM because former GM Rick Smith is taking a year-long leave of absence to help care for his wife Tiffany, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Houston plans to move swiftly to fill the position.

Both major doubts about Doug Pederson have been erased

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Both major doubts about Doug Pederson have been erased

MVP candidate quarterback. Future Hall of Fame left tackle. Starting middle linebacker. The ultimate, all-purpose swiss-army knife. The captain of your special teams. The starting kicker. That's the short but long list of impactful Eagles players that have been lost to injury this season. 

Yet, here we stand on the brink of their meaningless season finale. The Eagles won the regular season — there is nothing else they could have accomplished short of going undefeated. Division title, bye week, home-field advantage throughout the postseason.

You don't overcome the depth and scope of those types of losses to achieve what they have without serious leadership from the top. Credit to Howie Roseman, Joe Douglas and the Eagles' front office for having enough depth to survive the subtractions. And props to the players — this is a determined group who play for one another. But the lion's share of the praise goes to the head coach. Doug Pederson has done a masterful job all season scheming and game-planning. The Birds are second in the NFL in scoring and rushing and fourth in total yards per game. That doesn't happen by accident. They've scored 30 points or more nine times.

But beyond the X's and O's is where you see the true brilliance of the job Pederson has done this year. Coaching is more about adapting and overcoming during the course of a long season than it is dialing up the right plays. Watch enough NFL games each week and you see plenty of teams that do not show up. You could make an argument the Eagles have had two ugly games in the 15 they've played. Maybe three if you count Seattle (I don't). Both of those games — Giants and Raiders — they still managed to win. And there is a big difference between an ugly game and not coming to play altogether. The Eagles have not had one of the latter all season. That's all Doug.

From the comeback in a hostile environment in L.A after losing Carson Wentz, to Kamu Grugier-Hill kicking off, to losing your blindside tackle, there was never a "woe is us," feel-sorry-for-yourself mentality. The next-man-up mantra is clichéd in sports but it's apt for this team. So if you're rightfully concerned about Nick Foles and the Eagles' corners in their pursuit of that elusive Super Bowl title, look no further than the club's ability to conquer the high mountains that have been placed in from of them all year, to buoy your spirits.     

Heading into this season, the jury was out on Pederson both from a strategical standpoint and as a motivator. He's delivered a knockout blow to both of those doubts. Does this ensure a parade or even a playoff win? No. The Eagles enter the postseason tournament with a lot of questions, and you wonder if Wentz injury wasn't the one that broke the bow. But one thing that is assured: The head coach will have them ready to play regardless of the circumstances.