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Fans flood pop star's social media to get Embiid a date

Fans flood pop star's social media to get Embiid a date

Your move, Rihanna.

While the narrative this season surrounding Joel Embiid’s All-Star selection has been much less focused on his mystery crush (allegedly Rihanna) and more about his play on the court, Sixers fans have not forgotten.

If you needed a reminder, here’s a screenshot of a Tweet Joel Embiid sent last year.

Well, it was announced Thursday that Embiid was selected to his first NBA All-Star Game, as a starter no less, and fans are flooding the celeb’s social media feeds with mentions of the center.

Here’s a look at the latest post on her Instagram account.

How about Twitter?

Surely Rihanna or her reps have seen the posts by now. It’ll be interesting to see if she responds or wears a No. 21 jersey sometime in the future.

Philly police preparing for potential Super Bowl madness

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Philly police preparing for potential Super Bowl madness

Be prepared.

That’s the Boy Scout's motto, but it’s also the motto for the Philadelphia Police Department heading into this weekend’s NFC Championship Game at the Linc between the Eagles and Vikings.

Win or lose, there’s going to be a big reaction from fans once the game goes final and one of the locations the police expect a lot of activity is in the area of Frankford and Cottman Avenues.

Here’s the notice that was sent two days ago that was posted on the Mayfair Civic Association Facebook Page.

Hopefully the fans will be out in full force to celebrate after the game this Sunday, but either way, we hope no people, property, or horses are harmed. However, it’s good to take these steps to be ready.

Eagles are letting the dogs out ... or in on Sunday

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Eagles are letting the dogs out ... or in on Sunday

The dogs will be out in full force on Sunday night and the Eagles are all too happy to allow it. 

After the Birds’ 15-10 triumph on Saturday, Lane Johnson and Chris Long, among others in the Eagles’ locker room, wore dog masks that the duo bought on Amazon as a reminder to everyone who picked the Falcons to win and to the oddsmakers that made the Eagles home underdogs for the tilt.

Once the masks appeared after the game, fans began buying them up, selling Amazon out of the look and also creating a huge market on eBay as well. For fans who were lucky enough to get the mask, they were probably wondering if they could wear it to the game on Sunday vs. Minnesota. Well, the Eagles answered that question in a tweet Monday morning.

The Eagles have completely embraced the role of the underdog and they’ll be underdogs again on Sunday night as they look to punch their ticket to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2004.

The city has been completely behind the Eagles all season long and there will be hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of dog masks inside the Linc on Sunday night.