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This is such a Chase Utley milestone

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This is such a Chase Utley milestone

Remember that epic quote from Chase Utley about being hit by pitches?

"Do I like it?" Utley said last season. "I mean, I don't dislike it."

Yeah, he wasn't kidding.

Utley took one square in the arm Tuesday night, like we've seen him do so many times before, where he barely even flinches in the box as the ball comes sizzling to the plate.

It was just one of many in the 39-year-old's career, but this plunking was notable and the Dodgers knew it. The hit by pitch was the 200th of Utley's career.

Utley, of course, took 173 of those off the body in a Phillies jersey, making him the organization's all-time leader, with Mike Lieberthal in second with 88.

"The Man" hasn't changed his ways in Dodgers blue. Utley had a big HBP in the World Series last season and No. 26 ranks eighth all-time in baseball history among the category.

Tuesday's hit by pitch was No. 1 of the 2018 season.

Knowing Utley, it won't be his last.

Do not mess with Chase Utley

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Do not mess with Chase Utley

Chase Utley is back for yet another baseball season and he's more business than ever.

After re-signing with the Dodgers in February for two more years, the 39-year-old is clearly still having tons of fun playing the game … well, fun in his own way, obviously.

Andrew Toles, a 25-year-old outfielder, gave us a glimpse into Utley's mystique within the Dodgers' clubhouse. We all know how well respected No. 26 is among his teammates, both former and current. In fact, his presence and example are significant reasons why, at his age, he's still playing in Dodgers blue after being acquired in an August 2015 trade with the Phillies.

Utley, in a hilarious segment on SportsNet LA's "Backstage Dodgers," jokingly showed his trademark stoicism with the cameras around and Toles looking to chat.

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"That's what you call a role model. A baseball role model," Toles said. "You've got to have those. I wake up in the morning and I'm like, 'How can I be like Chase Utley today?' Because he's that guy. I want to be that guy, too, one day."

When Utley was wearing red pinstripes, just about every youngster playing baseball in the Delaware Valley was probably saying the same thing.

Phillies have a believer in … Larry King?

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Phillies have a believer in … Larry King?

The Phillies, like every other team in spring training, thinks they can turn heads this season. That's the beauty of spring training — everyone is 0-0, everyone is in the best shape of their lives, the possibilities of the summer seem endless.

Early in camp, new manager Gabe Kapler said that all it would take for the Phils to surprise the league and be competitive late in the season is a little more from each player. 

And the Phils also apparently have an impartial admirer from afar — the one and only Larry King, who tweeted this out to his nearly 3 million followers Tuesday night.

A Dodgers fan, King is often seen in the first row behind homeplate at Dodger Stadium. Perhaps he'll get to see his surprise team beat Clayton Kershaw when the Phils go to L.A. just after Memorial Day Weekend.