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Eagles' Super Bowl odds dip after Carson Wentz injury

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Eagles' Super Bowl odds dip after Carson Wentz injury

Carson Wentz's injury is obviously a blow to the Eagles, but the oddsmakers out in Vegas still like them ... just not as much as the Vikings.

The Birds, who began last week as 6/1 favorites in the NFC, now sit at 9/1 according to Bovada after the bittersweet division-clinching win over the Rams in L.A. on Sunday that cost Wentz his season with a torn left ACL.

While not a huge hit, the dip in odds still dropped the Eagles from the favorites perch in the NFC. Now Minnesota is the conference favorite at 8/1. The Vikings, who lost to Carolina on Sunday, were 17/2 at the beginning of last week.

So, if we read into the odds, the Wentz injury, according to oddsmakers, helps the Vikings more than it hurts the Eagles. Super Bowl 52, of course, will be held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, home of the Vikings.

The Rams (12/1 to 16/1) and Saints (10/1 to 14/1) also saw drops this week after losses. The Packers saw the biggest jump in the NFC, going from 33-1 to 18-1 after an OT win and Cleveland and with Aaron Rodgers return on the horizon.

Meanwhile, at, the Eagles' Super Bowl odds are 12/1.

Heading into next week's game at the Giants, the Eagles sit as the top seed in the NFC with the Vikings, Rams and Saints following in order.

Eagles' Super Bowl odds reach season high

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Eagles' Super Bowl odds reach season high

After a 51-23 drubbing of the Denver Broncos, the Eagles’ Super Bowl odds are the best of the season after nine games.

In Bovada’s latest odds, which were released on Tuesday, the Eagles now have a 4/1 chance to get to the Super Bowl. The odds were shortened from 6/1 last week.

The Eagles now have the best odds in the league, just ahead of the New England Patriots (9/2) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (15/2).

The Birds are still favored in the NFC with 2/1 odds, and are a strong favorite to win the NFC East at 1/20. The Cowboys’ odds gained to 8/1 while the Redskins stayed at 25/1.

Carson Wentz maintains his stranglehold on the MVP race now with 1/1 odds after they were shortened from 21/10 last week. Tom Brady has the second-best odds at 21/10.

Wentz has thrown for 2,262 yards, which is the fourth-best in the NFL. His 23 passing touchdowns are the best in the NFL by four. Rookie Deshaun Watson is second with 19 passing touchdowns but is out for the season due to a torn ACL he sustained at practice last week.

Eagles' Super Bowl odds take another jump after beneficial weekend

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Eagles' Super Bowl odds take another jump after beneficial weekend

It was a beneficial weekend for the Eagles, who got to kick up their feet and rest Sunday following their impressive win in Carolina on Thursday.

The 5-1 Eagles, after making the Panthers 4-2, watched Sunday as two main NFC contenders — the Packers and Falcons — lost. The Eagles are the NFC's only 5-1 team and their 4-0 record within the conference bodes extremely well for tiebreaker purposes moving forward.

The only previously unbeaten team, the Chiefs, lost on Sunday as well, meaning the Eagles are tied for the best record in the NFL. 

Vegas noticed. The Eagles are now tied for the third-shortest odds in the NFL to win the Super Bowl, according to OddsShark.

Here's a look at the updated odds:

• Patriots: 9/2
• Steelers: 8/1
• Eagles/Chiefs: 17/2
• Seahawks: 11/1
• Falcons: 14/1

The Eagles have scored the fifth-most points in the NFL, and among teams who have played six games, they've allowed the fourth-fewest. Their plus-43 point differential is third in the NFL to only the Chiefs (plus-47) and Jaguars (plus-46).

Prior to Week 6, the Eagles' Super Bowl odds were 16/1, per Westgate, so the events of this past week cut the Eagles' odds nearly in half. Their season-opening Super Bowl odds, via Westgate, were 60/1.