87ers going with squarest uniform in history?


87ers going with squarest uniform in history?

Who plays in the G-League under the sea?

The Delaware 87ers, that’s who.

Wednesday is Nickelodeon Night at the 87ers’ game against the Erie BayHawks and the home squad is going with outstanding SpongeBob SquarePants uniforms.

Outrageous uniforms are commonplace in minor-league baseball, but it’s great to see the G-League embracing an outside-of-the-box look for a good cause. 

The 87ers are raising money from ticket sales and a jersey auction to benefit CHILD, Inc., which provides programs for children and families that have been impacted by domestic violence.

Tipoff for Nickelodeon Night is set for 6:30 p.m. at the Bob Carpenter Center at University of Delaware.

The 87ers entered Tuesday night’s game against Santa Cruz at 6-14 on the season, but maybe this is what they need to get them out of the Bikini Bottom of the standings.

Vinny Curry posts emotional tribute on Instagram

Vinny Curry posts emotional tribute on Instagram

Veteran defensive end Vinny Curry has been released by the Eagles in a cap-saving measure, and he made sure to let Philadelphia know how special it was to be part of the team that gave the city its first Super Bowl title.

He posted this emotional tribute on Instagram, which details his long history with Philadelphia. Curry was a lifelong Eagles fan from New Jersey, so it was particularly special for him to bring the Lombardi Trophy home.

This is what he posted on his official Instagram page.

Who would’ve thought a small town boy from Neptune, NJ who grew up an Eagles fan, would’ve been drafted to his favorite team and win his and the teams first Super Bowl Championship! All Gods Plan! Philadelphia, Thank You! Thank you fans for opening your arms and taking me in as one of your own! This has been a dream come true for me to have the ability to play for my dream team and bring the Lombardi trophy home to you all! Thank you to the entire Eagles organization, coaching staff and my teammates, MY BROTHERS! UNDERDOGS! Without you guys, none of this would’ve been possible! I love you all from the bottom of my heart! I am humbled by this opportunity and can’t be more proud to call myself an Eagle for life! This experience has been one hell of a ride! I can’t wait to see what the future now holds for me. Thank You Philly!

A post shared by Vinny Curry (FLEE) (@mrgetflee) on

Curry and the Eagles failed to agree to a pay cut, but it looks like there will be no bad blood between Philly and Flee. In the post he thanks the team, coaches and fans while staying positive about his future.

We’re not crying, it’s just dusty in here.

Ready to watch Sixers games that really matter?

USA Today Images

Ready to watch Sixers games that really matter?

I was not in good shape last night watching the Philadelphia 76ers losing to the New York Knicks for the better part of 48 minutes. I yelled at the TV, buried my head in my hands, cursed every player on their team and then every player on ours. I nearly tore my shirt in half after a couple Trey Burke jumpers. The shots dried up for the Knicks in the fourth quarter and the Sixers somehow came back to win 118-110, but the emotional damage was mostly done at that point. The Sixers may be ready for the postseason, but I am definitely not. 

It's been six years since we watched the Sixers in the postseason, but it's been a lot longer than that — I couldn't even tell you how long, exactly — since we watched them with expectation. My main reaction to watching Andre Iguodala hit two free throws to sink the Bulls in Game 6 in 2012 was to laugh hysterically. My primary response to seeing them go down in a hard-fought Game 7 against the Boston Celtics in the semis was to shrug and go, "Well, that whole thing was weird." Winning and losing wasn't really that big a deal in those days, even in the postseason, because we knew this wasn't really The Team for Philly. 

Now? When this team in the midst of scrapping for postseason position and looks like they're going to drop a dumb game on the road to a crappy lottery team that doesn't even want to win, it's friggin' Armageddon. As much as I was looking forward to the Sixers' relatively easy end-of-season schedule, now I'm wondering if I should've been dreading it all along, because we're bound to lose one or two of these games — hell, just this Wednesday, Milwaukee lost in Orlando and Miami fell to Sacramento in OT — and I am totally unprepared to handle it when that happens. Don't these guys know we could get to the 3-seed? WHAT THE HELL IS EVEN HAPPENING? And so on.

In a way, it's exciting to care this much — about something other than avoiding historic infamy or achieving lottery pole position, even. This is how sports should feel, sort of. But I wonder if Sixers fans are underestimating just what a toll this first Process postseason run is gonna take on us, and this isn't even really the postseason run that's supposed to matter for these guys. Is this what Spurs fans have gone through for 20 seasons straight? Sounds exhausting.

The Sixers host the Nets tonight. Let's hope for one of those Pistons-style Friday night blowouts. Back-to-back nights of this in March and I might not even make it to April.