Ben Simmons has jersey ripped down the side ... but no foul

Ben Simmons has jersey ripped down the side ... but no foul

Maybe these Nike uniforms need better material.

Or maybe the refs should have seen the foul committed on Ben Simmons.

Simmons had his jersey completely ripped down the side on Friday night when he went for a rebound during the second quarter vs. the Pacers (you can watch the video above).

No foul call.

But Simmons somehow had a ruined jersey that he threw off before eventually confronting the referee as to say: Hey, there's a reason I'm not wearing my jersey … it was destroyed … because I was fouled.

(Pictures courtesy of USA Today Images.)

Seriously, though, maybe it is just the jersey.

Ripped jersey, no call, none of it stopped Simmons, who continued stuffing the stat sheet with 14 points, 11 assists and 11 rebounds in a 121-110 win (see observations).

And if Simmons couldn't find a new top, he could probably borrow one of Dario Saric's towels.

Meanwhile, these Sixers have won four straight, jumping above .500 at 5-4.

Forget the jersey, let's celebrate.

Reminder: Jay Cutler beat the Patriots this season


Reminder: Jay Cutler beat the Patriots this season

At this point, Eagles fans probably don’t need much convincing that their team is going to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. But just in case anybody out there thinks the Eagles have no chance at knocking off the greatest dynasty in NFL history, I would like to introduce Exhibit A into evidence.

A Jay Cutler-led Dolphins squad defeated the Patriots, and not even all that long ago. It happened in December.

Allow me to speak to the skeptics here for a moment. You see, I was once like you. My initial reaction upon learning Carson Wentz had suffered a season-ending injury was something along the lines of, “Well, I still think the Eagles can get to the Super Bowl, but I don’t think they could beat the Patriots.”

The very next day, on Monday Night Football, with Cutler at the helm, the Dolphins went on to upset the Patriots, which should put to rest any notion that it can’t be done.

If Cutler can do it, Nick Foles can.

The Patriots only lost three games all season, and the other two were to playoff teams – the Chiefs and the Panthers – both within the first four weeks of the season. Since then, the Patriots have amassed a 13-1 record, the lone blip in the schedule a 27-20 defeat in Week 14 at Miami.

And in case there is any disagreement over how bad Cutler and the Dolphins are, it was one of only two wins the club had in their final 10 games of the season. The other victory was against the 5-11 Broncos. The Dolphins went on to finish only marginally better at 6-10.

Sure, the Patriots’ loss to the Dolphins is just one game, and it took Tom Brady’s worst performance since they were eliminated from the 2015 postseason to make it happen. In fact, Brady has only posted a passer rating worse than his 59.5 against the Dolphins 21 times in an 18-year career, including playoffs, and just five times this decade.

The Eagles can’t necessarily count on Brady to blink. But it can happen, and their defense is certainly capable of making it happen.

Of course, that was the regular season. This is the playoffs – the Super Bowl, to be exact. Brady is 5-2 in the big game, and 27-9 in postseason play overall. He led the Patriots back from a 25-point second-half deficit to win a world championship last year. It’s an entirely different stage.

And yet, Cutler beat them. This team. This season. A guy who literally hopped off his couch in August, whose 6.2 yards per pass attempt ranked 28th out of 32 qualifying quarterbacks, who finished tied for fourth with 14 interceptions in 14 games.

None of which is to say the Eagles will definitely accomplish the same. However, they’re a far better team than the Dolphins, and Foles is a better quarterback than Cutler.

Based on that evidence alone, the Eagles’ chances of upsetting the Patriots in the Super Bowl are a whole lot greater than slim or none.

Eagles fans at the Linc could be heard 3 miles away


Eagles fans at the Linc could be heard 3 miles away

Just how loud was it at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday night? Someone that lives three miles away, in a different state, was able to hear the fans cheering from his house.

Jeff Stefan posted this video on his Facebook page along with a map showing that he was in West Deptford, NJ at the time this video was taken.

This is pretty incredible. 

Check out the video below and advance to about 50 seconds in and you can hear, clear as day, Eagles fans singing and cheering. 

Around 50 seconds You can hear the whole stadium cheering 6 miles away #eagles

Posted by Jeff Stefan on Sunday, January 21, 2018

After the game, the Eagles players lauded the fans for their support, not only during the NFC Championship game, but all season long. This is another example of how strong the homefield advantage is when the Birds are playing in Philly.