BIG3 suspends Allen Iverson 1 game for skipping Dallas outing

BIG3 suspends Allen Iverson 1 game for skipping Dallas outing

The BIG3 — a 3-on-3 tour filled with washed-up pros and run by a man who calls himself Ice Cube — is no joke. Not even Allen Iverson is too mighty for the league's harsh disciplinary forces.

A.I. received a one-game suspension Wednesday for his recent no-show at BIG3's stop in Dallas, according to a USA TODAY's Adi Joseph.

That means Iverson will miss an Aug. 6 date in Lexington, Kentucky.​ His heartfelt apology Tuesday must not have been enough to clear his name.

The Dallas incident came after his sudden decision to sit out BIG3's night in Philly last month, in which doctors advised him not to play.

Now the decision has been removed from Iverson's control. At least he'll be plenty rested.

Richaun Holmes' mishap does not end well

ESPN broadcast

Richaun Holmes' mishap does not end well

You will not find Billy Donovan on the Thunder's injury report after Friday's game against the Sixers.

But Oklahoma City's head coach may be icing down alongside his players or popping a few Advil.


Donovan took an errant pass straight to his face during the Sixers-Thunder game at the Wells Fargo Center. Richaun Holmes was looking to collect an assist on a JJ Redick jumper, but the Sixers' big man put a little too much mustard on the pass.

The one-handed dish went right to Donovan … who was not ready to catch it, and why would he be? Holmes also just barely missed former Sixers player and head coach, Maurice Cheeks, who is an assistant under Donovan.

At least that was Holmes' only turnover of the game.

JJ Redick hilariously compares himself to LeBron James

AP photo

JJ Redick hilariously compares himself to LeBron James

The Sixers have a pretty exciting matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder this evening and ESPN is promoting it like no other.

As part of their all-day Sixers coverage, JJ Redick sat down with SportsCenter's Philly faithful, Kevin Negandhi, to talk about the state of the Process and all things Philly hoops.

Negandhi asked Redick about how his body feels after playing so much this season at the age of 33.

"I feel great. I feel like I'm a slower, less-athletic, whiter version of LeBron at 33," Redick said.

"No, I'm joking," he added, sadly.

He goes on to talk about the time and resources he invested to play this game at a high level.

The joke starts at the 1:35 mark below.

Other topics include him talking about his day-game meals, his thoughts on Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons having the potential to be transcendant NBA talents, and how he joined the Process at just the right time.

Redick also shouts out Vernick as one of his favorite restaurants in Philly. Good taste.