Can we just shut down this Sixers team until Christmas?

Can we just shut down this Sixers team until Christmas?

"Do the Sixers have, like, a bye week coming up? When is their bye week this year?" 

Friend of the blog Jason Lipshutz put it best yesterday before the Philadelphia 76ers faced off against the Sacramento Kings at home yesterday. The game should've been among the most eminently winnable on the Sixers' schedule, yet given the Sixers' recent run -- particularly without Joel Embiid, who it was revealed hours before yesterday's tip would be sitting for the second straight game -- we could hardly afford to feel even slightly confident. 

Following the game, it was hard to tell what was more depressing: That the Sixers lost 101-95 to Sacramento after leading by as much as 16 in the second half -- the second consecutive loss to their pickswap partners -- or that it was hardly surprising that they had done so. 

The loss was the Sixers' seventh in eight tries -- four of the seven coming against well-sub-.500 teams -- dropping them to 14-16 for the season. Clearly, the gods are punishing the Sixers and me specifically for having the temerity to write this article two and a half weeks ago. Sorry folks, I'll never write anything positive about this basketball team again. 

Anyway, as much of a bummer as this December has been for our Ballers, it's not quite sky-falling bad yet. Four of those seven losses have come without Embiid in the lineup, and last night against the Kings also saw Robert Covington shoot 2-13 from three. No Embiid + Cov 2-13 is about as surefire a formula for a Sixers loss as you can come up with, regardless of opponent or location. But it also won't last: Embiid should be back on Friday, and it might be a long time before Covington has a night that bad again. 

It is definitely a little bit sobering to see just how bad this team is without JoJo, though. You'd hope that four years of being bad (and the resulting high draft picks) would've fortified the roster enough that we could survive without him, at least against the bad teams. But with Simmons going through some kind of weird self-imposed offensive funk -- he only shot six times last night, despite hitting five of those (including two early-game jumpers) -- Fultz still hurt, and Jahlil and Nerlens both dealt for minimal return, while our free agent vets prove consistently unreliable... well, it all adds up to us needing The Process a lot more than we should at the moment. 

Oh well. The only really important thing at the moment is Christmas in New York -- if Joel is healthy and playing for that one, nothing else about the 2017 Sixers really matters to me. Plenty to worry about with this team still, but let's save that for 2018. All I want for Sixers Christmas is JoJo dunking on (and fouling out) Enes Kanter on national TV.

Kevin Hart takes his beef with Dwyane Wade to the Miami skies

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Kevin Hart takes his beef with Dwyane Wade to the Miami skies

Dwyane Wade torched the Sixers in Game 2 in Philadelphia on Monday.

Following the big win, Wade said it was comedian Kevin Hart sitting courtside that helped motivate him.

The two took to Twitter to continue their trash talk where Wade pointed out that Hart couldn't be in Miami for Game 3.

That didn't stop Hart from making his presence felt down in Florida. Hart had an airplane fly a message, "Kevin Hart was here," along with a trust the process and Mountain Dew hashtag.

Here's what Hart had to say about it on his Instagram:

Even tho I didn't make it to Miami I felt the need to make my presence felt....Swipe thru my pictures and look at the banner that I had flown across American Airlines Arena....I just wanted to let @dwyanewade know that I'm everywhere 😂😂😂😂 Let’s goooooooo SIXERS!!!!!! Major thank you to my @mountaindew family for helping me pull this off last minute!!!!! #Philadelphia #Playoffs#MountainDewKickStart #TrustTheProcess... that’s what #TTP Means just in case u didn’t know!!!!!!

Did the sky message spook Wade? The Heat legend got off to a slow first half, shooting 0 for 4 from the field with a couple of free throws, but his Heat held a one-point lead at halftime.

Expect Hart to keep the chatter going throughout the series and beyond. That guy likes to talk.

Eagles release amazing documentary covering entire 2017 Super Bowl season


Eagles release amazing documentary covering entire 2017 Super Bowl season

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.

Just wanted to remind any of you who may have forgotten. I know it's not likely, but you never know. There are some weirdos in the world.

And not only did the Eagles win the Super Bowl, they just put together a 45-minute documentary with inside access to the team that only they could provide.

It's titled, "All We Got. All We Need.: 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Season," and you can watch it right now for free on YouTube.

From Doug Pederson speaking to his players at OTAs in the spring — "what are you willing to give up starting today so that we can hold that trophy high come February of next year" — to Doug after Brandon Graham's strip of Tom Brady — "we got the ball! we got the ball! we got the ball!" — this covers all of those amazing moments.

"Eagles fans everywhere, this is for you!" Merrill Reese exclaimed after the final whistle.