City Six Predictions: Nova won't repeat, Obi Enechionyia and Jordan Price will score, and 'Fresh' is fresh

City Six Predictions: Nova won't repeat, Obi Enechionyia and Jordan Price will score, and 'Fresh' is fresh

Hey, remember back in April when Daniel Ochefu set a screen, Ryan Arcidiacono made a pass, Kris Jenkins took a shot, Jay Wright said “Bang,” Bill Raftery said, “Onions,” Charles Barkley jumped like a madman, and Villanova won a national championship at the buzzer?

That was fun. We should do that whole college basketball thing again. Oh hey, look at that, another season starts tonight! To get you ready, you should check out all the season previews on CSNPhilly’s NCAA page — as well as these following six predictions for Philadelphia's City Six:

Villanova won’t repeat as national champs

I mean, that would be a tall order, especially after losing a player like Arcidiacono, so I’m not going out on too much of a limb here. But led by Jenkins, Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson, Villanova will win its fourth straight Big East title, continue its dominance over the Big 5, and make it to at least the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

’Nova will be the only city team to dance

On paper, it looks like it could be a lean year for Philly hoops aside from ’Nova as St. Joe’s and Temple lost a lot of talent while La Salle, Penn and Drexel have many question marks. The preseason Pomeroy rankings certainly don’t paint the most flattering picture with St. Joe’s ranked 99, La Salle 100, Temple 116, Penn 231 and Drexel 280. But at least one of these teams will surprise some people and … 

… Dunph will figure it out, as always

Even though Temple looks to have serious backcourt issues going into the season with Josh Brown injured and Trey Lowe redshirting the season following the graduation of Quenton DeCosey, Temple will grow into a good team as the year progresses. Fran Dunphy may have his share of critics but bad seasons for him are exceedingly rare as the head coach has won 20 games or more in his eight of his 10 years at Temple. Look for the Owls to be in the NCAA picture for much of the season before likely ending up in the NIT.

Obi Enechionyia will challenge Jordan Price for the city scoring title

With so many young players on Temple, Dunphy has said Enechionyia will need to carry much of the scoring load. And considering he’s a big man who can also shoot the three, he can easily average close to 20 points per game this season. Meanwhile, La Salle star Jordan Price averaged a city-best 19.2 points per game last season but may see a small dip in his scoring with the Explorers getting some much-needed offensive reinforcements (more on those below). Josh Hart will average around 17 points per game and finish third. Don’t ask me how I’m coming up with these numbers but just know they’re very, very accurate.

Fresh Kimble will be the city’s breakout star

Lamarr “Fresh” Kimble came off the bench for St. Joe’s last season but still showed flashes of brilliance in his freshman campaign. One year later, with top scorers DeAndre Bembry and Isaiah Miles gone, the Philly native is poised to take over as the Hawks’ next big star. He already has the respect of his teammates, getting chosen as a captain despite only being a sophomore. Soon, he’ll have the respect of a lot of other teams too as a crafty point guard with a little bit of Jameer in him.

Transfers will get Penn, La Salle and Drexel back on track

It seems like it’s the year of the transfer in Philly. Penn will plug in two sharpshooting transfers into their starting lineup in Caleb Wood and Matt MacDonald (along with a freshman in A.J. Brodeur) as they look to ensure a top-four finish in the Ivies and a berth in the inaugural Ivy League Tournament. Miles Overton, son of former La Salle star Doug, will look to get the Zach Spiker era off to a good start at Drexel after coming over from Wake Forest. And La Salle hopes to continue its successful transfer trend as three talented ones in Pookie Powell (Memphis), B.J. Johnson (Syracuse) and Demetrius Henry (South Carolina) join a former one in Price. If those guys live up to the hype, the Explorers could easily become the city’s second best team and contend for a spot in the Big Dance. 

Joel Embiid expects 90 percent of his tweets to go viral


Joel Embiid expects 90 percent of his tweets to go viral

One of the things that I love about Joel Embiid is the fact that it seems like every day we find another reason to love him even more.

Today's entry comes from a profile in GQ magazine in which he talks about plenty of things. But it was one of the first things he was asked about his Twitter account that had me rolling once again.

How do you find out if one of [your tweet] has gone viral, then?

Joel: I think 90 percent of them [will be viral]. That’s the expectation.

Amazing. The thing is, I don't know if he's giving himself enough credit. ONLY 90%????

Oh, and he subscribes to the Jah Rule school of thought: WHO CARES?

"Then I had so much time, too, because I missed that whole year and the second year after, so I didn’t have anything to do," Embiid said. "[I’d] just go on social media and converse with fans, make crazy jokes, and tweet crazy stuff because I don’t care. I say whatever I want to."

His critique of other players' boring Twitter accounts is also incredibly on point:

What do you mean some guys are always tweeting the same thing?

Joel: Bullshit like, “Game Day!” “It’s a great game.” I don’t know. They’re all the same. It’s boring.


The whole Q&A is worth any Sixers fan's time just to get to know a little more about Jojo. Be happy he's ours. And pray he stays healthy so he can take his game on the court to the same level as his game off of it.

Eagles-hater Pete Morelli allowed to referee future Birds' games

USA Today Images

Eagles-hater Pete Morelli allowed to referee future Birds' games

If you like penalties and hate the Eagles, you clicked on the right story.

Alleged Eagles hater Pete Morelli will be allowed to referee future Birds' games after the league found no signs of bias towards the Eagles. 

How's this for bias? In a Week 6 win over the Panthers, the Eagles were flagged 10 times for 126 yards. Compare that to the Panthers' one penalty for one yard and you see the problem.

But it wasn't the first time Morelli got flag-happy against the Eagles. In Morelli's last 4 Eagles' games — all away from the Linc — his crew has thrown 40 penalties for 396 yards to opponents' eight penalties for 74 yards. I'm not a numbers guy, but something seems off here.

In true Philly sports fashion, the Eagles will now reach the Super Bowl where Morelli and Co. will be waiting to rain yellow on the field, leading to an Andy Reid-led Chiefs' victory where Reid orchestrates an efficient two-minute game-winning drive, perfectly utilizing all three timeouts.