Donovan Mitchell wears another dumb sweatshirt shading Ben Simmons

Donovan Mitchell wears another dumb sweatshirt shading Ben Simmons

Perhaps the best part of Tuesday's Rookie of the Year kerfuffle started by Utah's Donovan Mitchell was Ben Simmons' response to it.

"I'm not going to wear a sweatshirt tomorrow though," Simmons dropped the mic with.

And you know who did wear a sweatshirt today? Donovan Mitchell.

The Jazz shared a photo of Mitchell on the final day of the NBA season wearing a red sweatshirt with "ROOKIE?" on it.

Simmons was not available for comment at the time of this posting because the Sixers were up 39 over the Bucks in the third quarter.

You'll notice it has an Adidas logo on it.

Clearly, Adidas is attempting to get some extra buzz. They also are commenting about it on Instagram.

An Eagles draft with less despair than usual


An Eagles draft with less despair than usual

The NFL Draft is an important time for every team, every year. There’s also no denying it’s less consequential for the Eagles in 2018 than any other point in franchise history – or at least feels that way.

That’s obviously not an attitude the front office was taking while preparing for this draft, nor is it the approach decision makers will use when they’re on the clock. There’s always room for improvement, and the Eagles perpetually have one eye on the future.

But outside the secret underground bunkers deep beneath the NovaCare Complex where the Eagles’ draft boards are set, not everybody views this year’s class with the same sense of urgency.

How can you? The Eagles currently own just one pick in the first three rounds, which means they will largely be bystanders during the first and second rounds of the draft. And the one selection they are schedule to make is the 32nd and final pick in the first round, greatly reducing the odds it will be an impact player.

Trades are inevitable as the Eagles try to add more choices – that perhaps more than the names of the players chosen might be the main source of intrigue. Still, there’s only so much the club can hope to accomplish with such limited firepower to start with.

There aren’t many areas a rookie would be expected to come in and produce immediately on this squad, anyway. I’m not sure if you heard, but the Eagles just won the Super Bowl and are set to return starters or regular contributors at every position.

Even from the simple standpoint the Eagles are finally world champions, the pressure is off compared to previous years.

None of which is intended to imply the draft isn’t of immense value to the Eagles since they lack picks, or holes, or because the fanbase is temporarily placated. Clearly, it would be a huge help if the front office hits on No. 32, or any of their five picks between rounds four through seven.

The Eagles can’t possibly depend on that happening, either. The prospects are already a lot more hit or miss by the end of the first round, after you’ve waited four hours. By the fourth, only the true draftniks or serious college football fans will recognize many of the names.

And that’s okay. In fact, it’s better than okay. For the first time since NFL draft coverage became a thing, there’s no need to obsess or despair over what the Eagles are going to do.

Partly because the Eagles can’t do much – partly because they’ve already done what they needed to do.

Emotional scene with Brett Brown in Sixers locker room is why we watch

Emotional scene with Brett Brown in Sixers locker room is why we watch

There have been plenty of on-court images from this 2018 Sixers playoff run that will be etched into Philly fans’ memories forever. We're only one series down and the list is already growing.

Ben Simmons flexing after a power slam, Joel Embiid silencing the Miami crowd after hitting one shot, JJ Redick putting threes to the ground after nailing a huge tre, Dario getting pumped about anything.

This series has been a joy for Sixers fans to watch a young team grow in exciting ways.

But perhaps no moment of the series brought the emotional weight of the scene in the 76ers locker room after finishing off the Heat in round 1 of the playoffs.

Brett Brown gives a mini speech about how proud he is with how far this team has come before handing the bell over to Redick to ring. But being the veteran that he is, JJ knows when to shower the praise -- and the water -- on the coach that has led this team on the long road to get to the first playoff series victory.

You can watch the video above. It's the good stuff. This is why we watch.

It's incredibly exciting to see this team grow on the court but it's also immensely fulfilling to watch the bond between the players and coaches on this team grow so deeply. It's a testament to what Brett Brown and the Process means to Philadelphia.

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Don’t know if I’ll ever believe this is what I do. Eternally grateful.

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Don't miss Brett embracing Jojo either: