Eagles CB Patrick Robinson has 'terrible' practice

Eagles CB Patrick Robinson has 'terrible' practice

Patrick Robinson had a lot in common with the weather at Eagles training camp on Tuesday. Both were awfully toasty.

Robinson struggled mightily to keep up with Eagles receivers, and that doesn't even include Alshon Jeffery or Torrey Smith, who missed practice with injuries. It was the likes of first-year players Shelton Gibson and Marcus Johnson who were leaving the veteran cornerback in their dust.

Afterward, even Robinson had to admit his performance was "terrible."

"I didn't have a good day today, but it's camp," Robinson said following practice. "Sometimes you're going to have a bad day, but you have to bounce back. You have to keep going. Especially as a DB, you have to bounce back. You have to keep doing your best."

Robinson conceded defeat on two deep completions, though it seemed like there were more. Maybe that's because this was not the first time the veteran corner has experienced issues in coverage since his arrival.

It's certainly cause for concern, given Robinson is a prospesctive starter.

"As far as having a bad day, you have to fix those," Robinson said. "If you have a bad day, OK, that's one. Don't have too many of them.

Signed as a free agent in March, Robinson -- who turns 30 in September --  is playing for his fourth team in as many seasons. The former first-round draft pick spent 2016 with the Indianapolis Colts, but was limited to seven games due to injury, and was suspect when he did manage to get on the field for the NFL's 27th-ranked defense.

Perhaps not unrelated, Robinson revealed conditioning may have been a factor on this particular steamy South Philadelphia morning.

"It was kind of hot today," Robinson said. "I got a little fatigued and it got the best of me. That's something that I have to work on, being in great shape, having great technique the whole practice -- not sometimes, not every now and then.

"You have to have great technique and great assignment completion the whole practice."

To be fair, Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has looked sharp in camp. His accuracy has drastically improved on touch passes down the field, while the supporting cast around him is much better as well.

"He's throwing some good balls," Robinson said. "We would have a good break, and he would throw it where only the receiver could come back and get it on the outside.

"We're trying to get it, but he's throwing some great balls."

It's true, Wentz and the receivers have generally looked better than the secondary. Of course, none of the other corners has been beaten as noticeably or with the frequency Robinson has, especially on deep passes.

When Robinson was signed, the thought process was he might start opposite Jalen Mills, serving as a stopgap until rookies Sidney Jones or Rasul Douglas were ready to play.

That plan looks increasingly uncertain by the day. With the calendar flipping over to August, and the deadline to trim roster from 90 players to 53 only one month away, Robinson has precious little time to turn his summer around and show the Eagles his worth.

"I'm not where I want to me," Robinson said. "I think I might be maybe like a quarter of the way there, to my standards. Because I have a lot of talent, but talent is nothing without skill and discipline, and that's something I'm trying to build."

The Kings blame Joel Embiid for loss

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The Kings blame Joel Embiid for loss

The Kings aren't happy with Joel Embiid.

They placed some blame on the Sixers' big man for their 23-point loss Thursday night.

How was Embiid at fault for a game he didn't even play?

Well, the Kings felt the wrath of Karl-Anthony Towns.

Let's just say Embiid may have fired up Towns after he embarrassed the Timberwolves' big man on Instagram the night prior (see story). In Embiid's defense, Towns was the instigator (see story).

Nonetheless, Towns went off on the Kings for 30 points, 14 rebounds, five assists, five blocks and a plus-22 rating, leading the Timberwolves to a 119-96 win.

"I came to be an assassin tonight, not a basketball player," Towns said after the victory. "I wanted to try to be as active as possible and just disrupt the game as much as possible as well."

Way to go, JoJo.

Sorry, Kings.

Pat Neshek scares Rhys Hoskins fans

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Pat Neshek scares Rhys Hoskins fans

Pat Neshek is unofficially a Phillie once again, and he’s got jokes.

The lone All-Star for the 2017 Phillies, Neshek wore No. 17 in his short stint with the team last season. No problem, when he rejoins the team in spring training this season, he will get his number back, right?

Enter Rhys Hoskins.

After a relatively slow start to his MLB career for the first few games, Hoskins went on an absolute tear, belting 18 home runs in less than one-third of the season during his rookie campaign. During that time, a lot of fans probably bought a ton of Rhys Hoskins No. 17 jerseys.

Well, Neshek is back and he wants his number back. He posted this tweet Thursday.

He let 22 minutes go by before responding with this Tweet.

Some fans were not amused with his first post.

That’s a pretty funny joke and it shows that Neshek, who is an avid baseball card collector, is a true fan of the game, kept up with how his former team was doing while he was away last season and has a decent sense of humor.

Looks like Neshek will find a new number, but Phillies fans will hope he’s just as effective in it as he was last season in No. 17.