Eagles defense does the Electric Slide, offense goes bowling


Eagles defense does the Electric Slide, offense goes bowling

The NFL relaxed its rules on touchdown celebrations just in time for the Eagles to be incredibly good at scoring points and it's a wonderful thing.

But the Birds aren't just doing choreographed celebrations when they score touchdowns, they're also doing them when the defense makes big plays — and even when those interceptions are overturned. 

Carson Wentz and the boys had a bevy of opportunities to celebrate Sunday when they embarrassed the Chicago Bears to the tune of 31-3 (see Roob's observations).

Your Philadelphia Eagles are 10-1 and they're having fun doing it.

The two most notable celebrations came on an Alshon Jeffery touchdown and a Rasul Douglas interception that was later ruled an incomplete pass. But not before the defense got their party on.

Jeffery went bowling after his TD with the rest of the offense playing the part of bowling pins.

STRIKE. #FlyEaglesFly

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Bowling. Quality entertainment for the whole family.

That was followed by an impressive Electric Slide performed by the defense.

Doug Pederson added some thoughts on the celebrations.

"They need to hurry up and get off the field before we get a penalty," Pederson said.

"I think it's great that they can show the excitement and enthusiasm. They're doing it with their teammates. It's not about one guy. This team has really embraced that. It's a team effort. It's fun to see on a Monday, not a Sunday afternoon."

Carson Wentz claims the offense doesn't plan their celebrations. Mhmmmm.

“I just show up and try and figure out what the heck we’re doing,” Wentz said.  "We don’t plan anything. I think the defense plans theirs as you can see. It’s cool to see everybody having fun. You see everybody jumping in on it and joining. That’s the kind of brotherhood we have. It’s a blast."

Torrey Smith seemingly contradicted Carson that there was no planning to the choreography.

"A lot of input from a lot of places," Smith said. "I thought the bowling was executed flawlessly but Alshon didn't roll the ball. It would have been perfect. Alshon messed up. I think he wanted the ball."

Jeffery confirmed after the game that he most definitely wanted the ball and in fact still has it.

As for those who complain about too much celebrating? Do something about it, Smith says.

"There's always one way to stop that. Win. Shut them up. Then guys aren't going to be celebrating."

Nobody has been able to stop these Eagles in a long time. So expect the celebrations to continue.

Eagles fan performs most beautiful version of 'Hallelujah' in tribute to Wentz


Eagles fan performs most beautiful version of 'Hallelujah' in tribute to Wentz

There have been some tremendous covers of Leonard Cohen's masterpiece, "Hallelujah," over the years.

Jeff Buckley's immediately comes to mind. The kids these days are into Pentatonix. Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton to cold open SNL was a work of art.

But one Philadelphia Eagles fan may have recorded the most beautiful, heart-wrenching version yet. It's a tribute to recently fallen hero of Philadelphia, Carson Wentz.

You may be suspect before you click and watch, but wait 'til you hear the lyrics. This refrain will absolutely sell you:

He goes through his reads, the 4th, the 5th

Does a spin, makes the lineman miss

He throws to Ertz, a touchdown - hallelujah!

Brings a tear to the eye. Miss you, Carson.

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'The Last QB:' A Nick Foles-Star Wars hype video exists


'The Last QB:' A Nick Foles-Star Wars hype video exists

Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuts this week.

Nick Foles also happens to make his season debut as the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback this week.

Large quantities of people love Stars Wars. Probably slightly less people love the Eagles. So, naturally, there should be some sort of mashup.

The Internet delivered today with a Star Wars: the Last QB hype video featuring none other than Nicky Foles as the Last Hope. Basically, it's a Nick Foles hype video set to some Star Wars clips and soundbites. Why not? Maybe come February they can edit it again to include Bill Belichick and Tom Brady as the Dark Side when the Eagles are set to take on the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

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