Eagles RT Lane Johnson wore a blonde wig, says it was 'badass'

Eagles RT Lane Johnson wore a blonde wig, says it was 'badass'

Who knew Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson would look so good as a blonde.

Johnson showed up to practice on Friday sporting a new hair-do, which was odd, seeing as he didn't have any hair at all the previous day. Needless to say, everybody at the NovaCare Complex was shocked to learn that was actually a long, blonde wig under Johnson's helmet, and not a gorgeous set of golden flowing locks he grew overnight.

"I knew it would pop out because there's nothing blonde about me," Johnson said. "There were choices -- black, brown and blonde, so I chose the blonde wig."

Johnson added he was going for an "Amazon" look, but Eagles offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland was not a fan. The wig was discarded early in practice and not seen again for the rest of the day.

"I thought it made me look more like a badass, but I guess coach didn't like it," Johnson said.

"I could've left it on, but he said it was distracting him a little bit, so I took it off. Plus, it was itching a little bit."

While it was only the second day of full-team practices at Eagles training camp, Johnson felt the team could use a morale boost.

"I just want to have a little fun," Johnson said. "It's training camp. Everybody thinks it's going to be hard, tough, and everybody's dreading it, so I tried to create a few laughs."

Though Johnson seemed to have a solid reason for the gag, he was quick to throw Eagles center Jason Kelce under the bus when asked how he arrived at the decision to wear the wig.

"I just thought about doing it, and I asked Kelce what he thought of it, and he suggested I do it," Johnson said.

Kelce laughed, then offered a slightly differing account of events, denying any responsibility for Johnson's decision.

"My involvement was just laughing hysterically at it," Kelce said. "He had it on and he said he was going to wear it out to practice, and we all just started laughing. Then we actually saw him out here with it on. We wanted him to keep it on all practice."

Kelce added, "That's just Lane Johnson being Lane Johnson."

With training camps opening all across the NFL, the intensity certainly ramps up this time of year. Of course, camps aren't what they used to be, with less hitting, shorter practices and no two-a-days, so veteran players often have a lot more leeway to act silly and create some levity.

"It's such a serious game, and sometimes you lose the human aspect of it, so you come out here and realize these are some of your best friends, and let's have a little fun while we're playing," Johnson said.

Johnson's teammates seemed to appreciate that attitude -- perhaps this time of year more than any other.

"It's the little things in camp," Kelce said. "Guys doing stuff like that kind of breaks up the monotony, allows guys to have fun, lightens the mood.

"At the end of the day, we're still here working hard, but little things like that make it even more fun."

Carson Wentz delivers heartfelt message to Eagles and fans


Carson Wentz delivers heartfelt message to Eagles and fans

On the day he found out his season was over, Carson Wentz has vowed to come back stronger than ever. 

Wentz, who tore his ACL in the third quarter on Sunday afternoon, posted a video to his Twitter account on Monday night. 

In the video, he admitted he is going through a tough time but is using his Christian faith to get get through it.

"If we got everything we wanted in life," Wentz said, "it would be a disaster." 

Then, he had a message for his fans: 

"I can promise to everybody, all my fans in the Philly area, in the North Dakota area, all across this country, that this will not stop me going forward. I will come back stronger than ever. I will use this as motivation. And I will be attacking it, this whole process as I recover. 

"But at the end of the day, this year we still have something special. We just clinched the NFC East. That was Step 1 of our goals this season and we're just continuing on from there. I will be with the team along the way. I will be supporting them. 

"I have the utmost confidence in Nick (Foles) and the coaching staff and everybody else that they'll step up. We've been plagued with injuries all year long and it's just been the next-man-up mentality and that's going to continue. Nick's going to to an amazing job leading this team and I'm going to be there to help."

Watch Wentz's full message here: 

Brian Dawkins gives Eagles fans a pep talk on Twitter after Wentz injury

AP Images

Brian Dawkins gives Eagles fans a pep talk on Twitter after Wentz injury

Sunday was tough for football fans in the city of Philadelphia. Carson Wentz exited the game, walked off the field and into the locker room, and the mood was somber.

It didn't take long for reports to swirl that the Eagles feared the worst, that their MVP-caliber quarterback could be lost for the season.

The Birds went on to win the game but it was bittersweet without the prospect of Wentz leading them to the Super Bowl.

Star athletes from all of sports shared messages of support. From fellow star quarterbacks lost for the season like DeShaun Watson to brothers in the city who have dealt with injuries of their own like Joel Embiid, everybody hated to see Wentz go down.

You could feel the negativity oozing through the city.

Monday came and Doug Pederson confirmed what we already believed. Wentz was gone for the year and Nick Foles takes the job of leading the Birds to the promise land. Hope was dim but not extinguished.

Then Eagles Nation got the pep talk (tweeted) it needed from the one person who would never lie to them and only inspire them, Brian Dawkins.

Birdgang, Take Heart! Don’t bye into the neg emotions. @JordanHicks @DarrenSproles @ChrisMaragos Jason Peters & now @cj_wentz r leaders that continue 2 help us win by giving of themselves. WE will rally behind a confident #9 Do me a huge favor.. Rally & BELIEVE!!#FlyEaglesFly

I'm still bummed but Weapon X has me feeling a little better. The Eagles season isn't over just yet. It's time for Nick Foles to write a storybook ending.