Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins posts video explaining exactly what he's protesting for

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins has participated in silent protests during the national anthem prior to games and has explained his reasons for doing so in the past.

Today, he posted a video alongside recently retired wide receiver Anquan Boldin reiterating exactly what they are protesting for.

Jenkins and Boldin have teamed up together in the past as part of a group who met with Congress last year in an attempt to push for legislation that would help improve relations between minority communities and local police.

"We want to take the time to explain to fellow football fans why we are demonstrating," Jenkins says in the video.

"This season I'll be raising my fist to take a stand for racial equality and much-needed reform to our criminal justice system," he said. "We're fighting to pass Clean Slate legislation in the state of Pennsylvania that would automatically seal non-violent misdemeanor records after ten years."

Boldin mentions he has police in his family while Jenkins has military members in his.

"The only way to create change and win is together," Boldin says.

You can watch the full statement below.