Flyers tease new Adidas jerseys on Twitter

Are big changes on the way to an iconic look?

Adidas is taking over for Reebok as the new jersey manufacturer for the NHL for the 2017-18 season and Flyers fans will find out what the orange and black will look like on June 21 when all 31 teams will unveil their new sweaters from Las Vegas at the NHL Awards.

According to a report from SB Nation, 13 of the league's teams will have different jersey designs, while the others will remain largely the same, aside from moving from Reebok to Adidas.

On Monday, the Flyers, as well as all of the other NHL teams, posted this tease on their social media.

Since the 2007-08 season, Reebok, a subsidiary of Adidas, has been the exclusive manufacturer of jerseys for the NHL, and even if the Flyers won't be one of the teams changing their look completely, there will be some changes on the way.

According to SB Nation, at least for one season, the NHL will do away with third jerseys to make the initial jersey implementation easier. The Flyers wore special gold-trimmed 50th-anniversary jerseys last season for 12 home games. The new Adidas jerseys are also said to feature new lightweight material to keep the players cooler and improve flexibility.

So, are big changes on the way? We'll find out in nine days.