Jahlil Okafor goes to incredible lengths to watch movies

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Jahlil Okafor goes to incredible lengths to watch movies

Sometimes people are strange. NBA players are people after all.

So upon first hearing that Jahlil Okafor sometimes takes a train all the way to New York City to see a movie, you scratch your head and think it's a weird thing to do — and it kind of is! — but also sometimes people do strange things that make them happy. And that's okay.

And maybe he has a good reason for it. Or maybe he makes a day out of it.

As Deadspin's Dan McQuade, purveyor of all things Philadelphia, points out: center city Philly doesn't have the best movie theatre options. The Ritz jawns are nice with amply buttered popcorn but not if you're looking to watch a big budget movie like Star Wars on iMax. I've been known to personally drive out from center city to King of Prussia or over to Cherry Hill (not my fave) to watch an action flick, so Okafor taking it a couple of steps further up to NYC isn't as preposterous as it sounds at first.

And maybe he has a favorite dinner spot in NYC he likes to make a night of with a good movie in tow. Maybe he likes to grab a slice of vegan pizza that is only available in New York. Who knows?

Then there's Jah's reasoning for enjoying movies so much, which makes total sense.

“People want to know why I like going to the movies so much,” Okafor says. “If I was a psychologist and I had to evaluate myself, maybe I like how dark the room is and I'm able to sit there like a normal person and not be bothered and just enjoy watching a fantasy.”

I agree! There's something about a movie theatre, perhaps the no cell phone policy, that makes it a wonderful escape from all of the noise and tweets from the outside world.

So maybe Jahlil isn't as weird as you think. He just likes what he likes and he likes it where he likes it. That just so happens to be a couple of hour train ride away.

Asked about LeBron James during Sixers game, Kyrie Irving says @*#^*!#%&*

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Asked about LeBron James during Sixers game, Kyrie Irving says @*#^*!#%&*

Apparently, Kyrie Irving doesn't want to talk about LeBron James.

During the Celtics' win over the Sixers on Friday, a fan asked Irving, "Where's LeBron?"

Irving's response ... NSFW ...

WARNING: The video contains offensive language. But if that kind of thing doesn't bother you, you can watch it here.

Irving was asked about the incident by reporters Saturday.

So what he's basically saying is "sorry, not sorry."

With the video circulating on social media, expect Irving to hear from the league.

Joel Embiid expects 90 percent of his tweets to go viral


Joel Embiid expects 90 percent of his tweets to go viral

One of the things that I love about Joel Embiid is the fact that it seems like every day we find another reason to love him even more.

Today's entry comes from a profile in GQ magazine in which he talks about plenty of things. But it was one of the first things he was asked about his Twitter account that had me rolling once again.

How do you find out if one of [your tweet] has gone viral, then?

Joel: I think 90 percent of them [will be viral]. That’s the expectation.

Amazing. The thing is, I don't know if he's giving himself enough credit. ONLY 90%????

Oh, and he subscribes to the Jah Rule school of thought: WHO CARES?

"Then I had so much time, too, because I missed that whole year and the second year after, so I didn’t have anything to do," Embiid said. "[I’d] just go on social media and converse with fans, make crazy jokes, and tweet crazy stuff because I don’t care. I say whatever I want to."

His critique of other players' boring Twitter accounts is also incredibly on point:

What do you mean some guys are always tweeting the same thing?

Joel: Bullshit like, “Game Day!” “It’s a great game.” I don’t know. They’re all the same. It’s boring.


The whole Q&A is worth any Sixers fan's time just to get to know a little more about Jojo. Be happy he's ours. And pray he stays healthy so he can take his game on the court to the same level as his game off of it.