Joel Embiid gets scored on by Man United's Paul Pogba, is left unhappy by NBA 2K rating

Joel Embiid gets scored on by Man United's Paul Pogba, is left unhappy by NBA 2K rating

Two social media giants in the sports world, but only one victor.

The only problem? Both guys are declaring themselves the winner.

Joel Embiid and Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba played some pick-up basketball Monday and each guy had their own highlight-reel moment from the 1-on-1 matchup. Pogba was the first to claim victory, proclaiming that the game was "over" after draining a free-throw-line jumper over the Sixers' big man.

But it wasn't long until Embiid fired back. Just two hours later, he posted his own video of an easy-looking one-handed slam against the soccer superstar.

The two are pretty good friends and were seen last week in Los Angeles as Manchester United began its United States summer tour with a stop in L.A. to play the Galaxy.

Although Embiid's social media following is pretty big, it pales in comparison to that of Pogba — Embiid has 813k followers on Twitter and one million on Instagram, whereas Pogba boasts a massive following of 3.52 million and 16.5 million on the two sites. Maybe The Process picked up some tips from one of his buddies along the way.

Getting scored on by Pogba wasn't the only defeat Embiid suffered on Monday either.

The team over at NBA 2K asked Embiid what he thinks his overall should be in the video game's 2018 edition.

After Embiid stated that he believed that he was "the best defender in the league" when on the court last season and listed off his array of talents, he reached the conclusion that his overall should be "at least a 95."

When his actual rating of an 86 was finally revealed to him, Embiid was expectedly not too thrilled with it.

Joel Embiid discussing The Process behind his #NBA2K18 rating @joelembiid

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If Embiid is able to remain healthy and build on his stellar play from his rookie campaign, his 2K rating could even soar past a 95. 

An Eagles draft with less despair than usual


An Eagles draft with less despair than usual

The NFL Draft is an important time for every team, every year. There’s also no denying it’s less consequential for the Eagles in 2018 than any other point in franchise history – or at least feels that way.

That’s obviously not an attitude the front office was taking while preparing for this draft, nor is it the approach decision makers will use when they’re on the clock. There’s always room for improvement, and the Eagles perpetually have one eye on the future.

But outside the secret underground bunkers deep beneath the NovaCare Complex where the Eagles’ draft boards are set, not everybody views this year’s class with the same sense of urgency.

How can you? The Eagles currently own just one pick in the first three rounds, which means they will largely be bystanders during the first and second rounds of the draft. And the one selection they are schedule to make is the 32nd and final pick in the first round, greatly reducing the odds it will be an impact player.

Trades are inevitable as the Eagles try to add more choices – that perhaps more than the names of the players chosen might be the main source of intrigue. Still, there’s only so much the club can hope to accomplish with such limited firepower to start with.

There aren’t many areas a rookie would be expected to come in and produce immediately on this squad, anyway. I’m not sure if you heard, but the Eagles just won the Super Bowl and are set to return starters or regular contributors at every position.

Even from the simple standpoint the Eagles are finally world champions, the pressure is off compared to previous years.

None of which is intended to imply the draft isn’t of immense value to the Eagles since they lack picks, or holes, or because the fanbase is temporarily placated. Clearly, it would be a huge help if the front office hits on No. 32, or any of their five picks between rounds four through seven.

The Eagles can’t possibly depend on that happening, either. The prospects are already a lot more hit or miss by the end of the first round, after you’ve waited four hours. By the fourth, only the true draftniks or serious college football fans will recognize many of the names.

And that’s okay. In fact, it’s better than okay. For the first time since NFL draft coverage became a thing, there’s no need to obsess or despair over what the Eagles are going to do.

Partly because the Eagles can’t do much – partly because they’ve already done what they needed to do.

Darren Sproles looks insanely athletic in rehab video

Darren Sproles' IG

Darren Sproles looks insanely athletic in rehab video

As our Eagles Insider wrote a few weeks ago, "Darren Sproles is not a normal human being."

That much was on display on Darren's Instagram account today when he shared a video of his rehab. We've seen guys like JJ Watt and Connor Barwin share videos of them doing impressive box jumps, but Sproles took it to a whole new level.

Oh, and he's coming off a major knee injury.

Sproles' version of the box jump is multipart and he only uses one leg. It's insane.

Sproles also posted this fancy footwork video on April 16. I'd say he looks pretty darn nimble.

Feet still there ✔️

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Sproles isn't currently under contract with the Eagles but Doug Pederson has said he would like to have him back. And as the aforementioned Reuben Frank wrote a month ago: "You bring him back because you’re a better football team with him than without him."