Joel Embiid looks like a beast in NBA 2K18 art trailer


Joel Embiid looks like a beast in NBA 2K18 art trailer

I can't say I play many video games these days, but recent trailers for the NBA 2K18 game have me second-guessing that life choice.

The NBA 2K18 team released a video this week about the art direction and crazy details that go into the game. It's pretty remarkable how lifelike they make the players.

Joel Embiid is shown twice in the below video and looks like the beast we've all come to expect -- when he actually suits up and plays, at least. They also show a quick clip of Dario Saric, which shows off some of the nice detail in the Sixers' new Nike uniforms.

Embiid was pretty shocked when he learned that he was only rated an 86 in the game. He'll probably figure out a way to hack his own system to change that.

Joel Embiid throws shade at Bucks owner

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Joel Embiid throws shade at Bucks owner

The self-proclaimed Social Media King strikes again.

After scoring 29 points and pulling down nine rebounds en route to leading the Sixers to a 116-94 win over the Bucks, Joel Embiid took to Instagram to take one more dig at Milwaukee's owner, Wes Edens.

Getting it done #TheResults

A post shared by Joel "The Process" Embiid (@joelembiid) on

Peep the location: "The Results U."

Need a quick refresher?

Flashback to June 19, 2017, Edens threw some serious shade toward The Process.

So let's talk about the results.

The Sixers are now 1-0 against the Bucks since Edens' choice words last summer and Embiid — the poster child of The Process — put up some serious numbers.

Small sample size … but Embiid continues to be the ultimate and lovable troll he is.


Bud Light made a special "Dilly, Dilly!" commercial for Philly


Bud Light made a special "Dilly, Dilly!" commercial for Philly

Oh, you thought we here in Philadelphia were special? You thought Bud Light liked Eagles fans more than they liked Vikings fans?


Bud Light likes fans who purchase their beer.

But yes, Bud Light did make a special little promo for Eagles fans playing off their "Dilly, Dilly!" campaign that for some strange reason many people seem to like. And get this, it uses "Philly, Philly!"

Because it rhymes.

You can watch that right here and the three other spots they made for the Viking, Patriots, and Jaguars below. The Patriots' one is probably the best.