Mike Francesa incensed over Kelce speech, calls for Eagles to cut him

Mike Francesa incensed over Kelce speech, calls for Eagles to cut him

Jason Kelce launched into one of the greatest championship celebration speeches ever a week ago today and Philadelphians loved every minute of it.

You know who didn't love it? Some guy from New York.

Longtime radio personality Mike Francesa, mostly known outside of New York for repeatedly falling asleep on the air, did not like Kelce's speech one bit and even called for Jeff Lurie to get rid of him because of it.

Francesa was talking with Sal Licata on something called the WOR Sports Zone earlier this week when he ripped into the Mummered One.

“Should have stayed home, the jerk," Francesa begins on Kelce. "Why is that I have to be in my car when these guys win championships, and they decide that they are going to grace the audience with this profanity-laced stupidity. You gotta turn it off, your kids can’t even listen it. He sounded like a total moron. How about going up there and acting like a champion and not acting like a total moron? I turn that stuff off. I’ve seen LeBron James do that, now I’ve seen him do that. You know what? It’s not the time or place. You ever heard of winning like a champion? Somebody should have taken a hook and pulled him off.”

The thing is, Kelce wasn't acting like a moron at all. Yes, he dropped an F-bomb or two towards the end of his speech for effect, but what he had to say was actually thoughtful, well-structured, heartfelt, and wonderfully delivered. One could even call his underdog message inspirational.

And as to why Francesa has to be in a car in the middle of a Thursday afternoon is unclear. Perhaps he hasn't figured out how seatbelt clips work.

“I was in the car when I heard it and people were replaying it like it was the greatest thing in the world. How dumb are you to replay that? I wouldn’t give that one second airtime. That’s embarrassing. That’s not the place or the time to do that. You got kids who take off from school, you got people who this is a life experience for them to be at a parade for a Super Bowl for a city, and you go up there and go into a 15-minute, profanity-laced tirade? It’s ridiculous. If I were the owner of the team, I’d cut him.”

Kelce's speech was not 15 minutes. It was 5 minutes and 30 seconds. And there wasn't any profanity until midway through the 4th minute.

Anyway, Mike Francesa doesn't like Jason Kelce. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Jason Kelce doesn't care.

Cause he's from Philly. 

Kevin Hart uses curious recruiting tactic to get LeBron to Philly


Kevin Hart uses curious recruiting tactic to get LeBron to Philly

Kevin Hart is one of the most well-known Philadelphia sports fans in the world.

He made a scene at the Super Bowl while showing support for the Eagles.

So it's no surprise when TMZ asked him about LeBron James and his 76ers, Hart lit up a bit, even going so far as to say he has already attempted to recruit him to Philly.

"I sent him $40. He didn't accept it," Hart said. "I really did try. I sent him 40 dollars and I said come to Philly."

"He said, 'kiss my ass!'"

"I don't think he's going anywhere," Hart added.

Probably not if $40 is the best we as a city have to offer.

Loser Colin Cowherd pays off bet, wears Sixers jersey


Loser Colin Cowherd pays off bet, wears Sixers jersey

The Philadelphia 76ers as a team, and Joel Embiid specifically, reminded the world last night that FS1's Colin Cowherd is quite often full of it when they won their 40th game of the season.

We wrote about this last night when Jojo poked fun at Cowherd for his preseason assertion that Sixers wouldn't sniff 40 wins. But today Cowherd held up his end of the preseason bet by rocking a No. 21 Sixers jersey during his The Herd show.

Cowherd's co-host Kristine Leahy posted video of the frequently wrong analyst admitting he'd lost and saying he'd own up to it, eventually.

"I'd love to have [Embiid] on this show anytime he wants," Cowherd said today. "I made a bet. I lost. I'm not going to welch."

But then he spoke about not being able to find a jersey that fit while Leahy was wearing one that would clearly fit him. They eventually found one and he put it on.

"They deserve love," Cowherd said.

Winning sure feels good. All kinds of winning.