The new Tupac vs. Biggie? Ice Cube chimes in on Joel Embiid vs. LaVar Ball feud

The new Tupac vs. Biggie? Ice Cube chimes in on Joel Embiid vs. LaVar Ball feud

There was Tupac vs. Biggie in the 1990s. West Coast vs. East Coast.

Jay-Z vs. Nas in the early 2000s. And 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule in the 2000s.

We can table Meek vs. Drake for another day. This is meant for the big boys.

Over the last few weeks, we've seen another feud begin the brew. Yes, we're talking Joel Embiid vs. LaVar Ball.

"I think it's great," rapper/actor/BIG3 co-owner Ice Cube told CSNPhilly's Danny Pommells on Saturday.

With the BIG3 coming to Philadelphia on Sunday, Ice Cube on Saturday chimed in on the hottest feud in the game right now.

His conclusion?

"It'll give us something to watch both of these teams for because both of them have been lousy for a minute. Give us something to watch for," Ice Cube said. "A little trash talking — that's allowed in the BIG3. We don't mind that."

We can trace the Embiid-Ball feud back to the NBA draft.

LaVar had a generous prediction June 22 that his son, Lonzo Ball, would lead the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs in his rookie season. That led to Sixers point guard/forward Ben Simmons tweeting "crazy pills" and Embiid quote-tweeting his teammate with: "Please dunk on him so hard that his daddy runs on the court to save him."

Then, of course, there were the July 4 verbal fireworks Embiid directed at LaVar on Instagram Live. That led to LaVar firing back, saying Embiid only has "got three words because his vocabulary is limited." And just this past Thursday, Embiid sure didn't sound like he has any regrets about what he said about LaVar on July 4 despite it costing him $10,000.

The Embiid vs. LaVarr feud doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon, which is fine.

It only adds intrigue to when the Sixers and Lakers play this season. The schedule doesn't come out until August, but we all know which games we'll be circling.

Perhaps someday we can get a Joel Embiid vs. LaVar Ball rap battle. That would probably be fun.

Kevin Hart takes his beef with Dwyane Wade to the Miami skies

AP Images

Kevin Hart takes his beef with Dwyane Wade to the Miami skies

Dwyane Wade torched the Sixers in Game 2 in Philadelphia on Monday.

Following the big win, Wade said it was comedian Kevin Hart sitting courtside that helped motivate him.

The two took to Twitter to continue their trash talk where Wade pointed out that Hart couldn't be in Miami for Game 3.

That didn't stop Hart from making his presence felt down in Florida. Hart had an airplane fly a message, "Kevin Hart was here," along with a trust the process and Mountain Dew hashtag.

Here's what Hart had to say about it on his Instagram:

Even tho I didn't make it to Miami I felt the need to make my presence felt....Swipe thru my pictures and look at the banner that I had flown across American Airlines Arena....I just wanted to let @dwyanewade know that I'm everywhere 😂😂😂😂 Let’s goooooooo SIXERS!!!!!! Major thank you to my @mountaindew family for helping me pull this off last minute!!!!! #Philadelphia #Playoffs#MountainDewKickStart #TrustTheProcess... that’s what #TTP Means just in case u didn’t know!!!!!!

Did the sky message spook Wade? The Heat legend got off to a slow first half, shooting 0 for 4 from the field with a couple of free throws, but his Heat held a one-point lead at halftime.

Expect Hart to keep the chatter going throughout the series and beyond. That guy likes to talk.

Eagles release amazing documentary covering entire 2017 Super Bowl season


Eagles release amazing documentary covering entire 2017 Super Bowl season

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.

Just wanted to remind any of you who may have forgotten. I know it's not likely, but you never know. There are some weirdos in the world.

And not only did the Eagles win the Super Bowl, they just put together a 45-minute documentary with inside access to the team that only they could provide.

It's titled, "All We Got. All We Need.: 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Season," and you can watch it right now for free on YouTube.

From Doug Pederson speaking to his players at OTAs in the spring — "what are you willing to give up starting today so that we can hold that trophy high come February of next year" — to Doug after Brandon Graham's strip of Tom Brady — "we got the ball! we got the ball! we got the ball!" — this covers all of those amazing moments.

"Eagles fans everywhere, this is for you!" Merrill Reese exclaimed after the final whistle.