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Out-of-market Eagles fans livid at CBS broadcast

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of Wentz, it was the time for Foles.

Sunday's Eagles blowout over the Denver Broncos was somewhat bittersweet for Philadelphia fans not in the local market.

That's because once the game got out of hand in the third quarter, CBS switched from the Eagles-Broncos game in many out-of-town markets to a "more competitive game" in the Ravens-Titans.

So Eagles fans across the country were STOKED that their team was putting on a show but PISSED that they could no longer watch it.

They took to Twitter to vent.

The Eagles' social media team took notice as well:

Oh, and then they had to find something to talk about because the game was such a blowout, so camera guys!

The Eagles won 51-23 and it was never even that close.