Philadelphia Union actually do a pretty great 'Fresh Prince' of 'Chest-Air' parody

Philadelphia Union actually do a pretty great 'Fresh Prince' of 'Chest-Air' parody

When you’re winless since last August, everyone knows the best remedy to get out of such a slump is … create a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parody video?

Some fans will surely question the timing of this considering the Union are two games from away matching the longest winless streak in MLS history. But Saturday’s game vs. the Red Bulls is being billed as “Throwback Night,” so recreating the opening credits scene from the iconic 1990s TV show makes sense. And, hey, it can’t be bad that the guys are loose and having fun, right?

Also: they did a bang-up job. The highlights:

1) Top scorer C.J. Sapong kills it as Will Smith, though some might question why he spray paints his shirt (it’s only supposed to be the armpits!) and doesn’t hold his nose exiting the “cab.” Also, for accuracy sake, shouldn’t it have ended with him getting traded to LA?

1) Fabinho as the referee. Absolutely brilliant casting decision.

2) John McCarthy as the bully, along with equally fearsome goalies Andre Blake and Jake McGuire, the latter of whom just had his biggest role with the Union to date.

4) Warren Creavalle and Marcus Epps playing excellent 90s TV defense.

4) Derrick Jones as the aunt — you obviously want to pick a 20-year-old kid for that role.

5) Some random guy as the driver. (Looks closer). Wait, that’s Ken Tribbett — I remember him!

6) Ben Franklin, William Penn, Betsy Ross and Rocky Balbo listed as producers. Good gets.

Here’s the original to compare and contrast, if for some weird reason you don't have it memorized:

And if you want to go down the MLS-team-does-a-parody-video rabbit hole (what?), you should watch the Chicago Fire spoofing Ferris Bueller and the San Jose Earthquakes recreating Home Alone.

But the Union’s may just have made the best of them all. At least they’re winning at something!

Shooters Everywhere: Sixers bomb Hornets into submission

Shooters Everywhere: Sixers bomb Hornets into submission

It says something when J.J. Redick and Dario Saric, the Philadelphia 76ers two best sharpshooters on the season, can go a combined 3-10 from deep -- and the team can still end up tying a season high for triples made. That happened last night against the Charlotte Hornets, as J.J. and Dario's calibration was off for most of the night, but Marco Belinelli got red hot, Joel Embiid was left too open too often, and Robert Covington stayed schemin', as the Sixers shot 18-44 from deep and pulled away late from Charlotte, winning 108-94. 

It was typical of the condensed season series between these two teams -- the Hornets made the Sixers sweat for the better part of three quarters, even leading by seven at the half, but just got outmuscled late by the Sixers' superior talent and execution. Good to be that one of the two teams, of course, and our two stars proved the main difference again, with Embiid scoring 25 on 10-17 shooting while matching a career high in boards (19) for the second straight game, and Ben Simmons posting his his third triple-double in four games, including a sparkling 15 assists with 0 turnovers -- numbers only hit by one other player (Atlanta's Dennis Schroder) this season. (Joel and his nine turnovers was one TO away from a very different sort of trip-dub, but who's counting?)

Still, the Sixers' MVP in this one might've been RoCo, who scored 18 on 6-12 shooting and at least made life tough for Hornets guard Kemba Walker. You just can't say enough about how much more dangerous this team is when Covington is hitting regularly, and after about a three-month frigid spell, Robert has has rediscovered his early-season form -- shooting 47% from the field and 42% from three this month after only hitting 35% (and 29% from deep) in February. Cov's defensive toughness and general hoops IQ makes him a net asset even when he's a bricklayer from deep, but when he converts reliably, he just might be the damn team MVP. 

Three in a row for the Sixers now, who still sit entrenched in the sixth seed -- but with a huge Wednesday coming up, where the three teams immediately ahead of them all have major challenges (Cavs-Raptors, Pacers-Pelicans, Wizards-Spurs) while the Sixers get to host the tanktastic Memphis Grizzlies. Just a game and a half separates three through six in the East, and the Sixers still have by far the easiest schedule remaining. Anyone still think Brett Brown needs to be fired?

Your next haircut can sport Joel Embiid's face

USA Today Images

Your next haircut can sport Joel Embiid's face

Trust the process?

How about trust the haircut?

Sixers employees Matt Yoder (left in the picture below), an account executive in group sales, and Sam Spector (right), an account executive in ticket sales, got in on the fun of Barber Appreciation Night at the Wells Fargo Center on Monday.

You've got to love these haircuts.

(USA Today Images)

(USA Today Images)

Who wouldn't want Embiid's face depicted in their hair? After all, the playoff push is heating up, so you've got to look ready.

Over 100 barbers from the Delaware Valley were expected on hand for the evening and pregame networking event, which was all presented by Maestro's Classic.

Don't be surprised if the Embiid cut catches on throughout the city.

No doubt, you'll be the coolest kid at school (or work).