The premature walk-off celebration left a mess for the grounds crew

Walk-off finishes are always exciting.

But the Phillies' walk-off in the 15th inning last night on an RBI by Nick Williams was a little late for much of Philadelphia to witness live. And it wasn't even the only walk-off celebration of the evening.

Nope. That's because the Phillies thought they had actually already won the game a half dozen or so innings earlier in the bottom of the ninth when Hyun Soo Kim slapped one to right field and scored two... or so they thought.

They even did a whole celebration thing on the field complete with showering Kim in... bubble gum around first base. But then the play got reviewed and overturned and somebody had to clean up the mess.

Even Dee Gordon got in on the cleanup action.

Fans had to stick around for another few hours or head home to bed. At least Williams would eventually pay them off for their efforts.

Dee Gordon wasn't as lucky.

"We had two walk-offs today," Nick Williams said after the game. "I think that was the first time in the history of baseball that's taken place. It was a two-celebration game. I'm just glad one of them counted."

The Phils won by a final of 9-8 in 15 innings.