Raul Ibanez's old house makes me want to move to Washington


Raul Ibanez's old house makes me want to move to Washington

Former Phillies outfielder Raul Ibanez lives in my dream home. All I have to do is come up with the $4.4 million dollars it takes to live there.

In a summer which has seen fellow Phillies Cole Hamels and Jimmy Rollins put homes up for sale, Ibanez’s Washington state pad may be the nicest of them all.

Located in the city of Issaquah, 17 miles outside of Seattle where he spent the bulk of his 19-year Major League career, the house has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms in total and spans 7,700 feet across five acres. However, it’s what’s on the inside that counts with this house.

Originally purchased in 2010 for $2.8 million, when he was a member of the Phillies, Ibanez has put significant work into the spot.

First and foremost, the recreation space in this house is incredible. In what appears to be a completely separate structure, the gym is two floors and includes a basketball court, batting cages and an area to lift weights. There’s also tons of space in the backyard with a beautiful fire pit for entertaining.

Raul and his wife Teryvette have five children and a few of the rooms are displayed in the listing. His youngest, Luca, has an awesome racecar bed, while another room, has a rock climbing wall.

The interior is both elegant and modern and has ample space for entertaining, including what looks like a movie theater and a pool with a fireplace and a baseball at the bottom.

The house is now listed as off market, so there may be a new owner of this incredible piece of real estate.

To see the entire listing, including more photos, click here.

Joel Embiid: 'I don't think you want to try me'

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Joel Embiid: 'I don't think you want to try me'

We've seen it plenty and we love it.

Joel Embiid talking trash and trolling the opposition.

But is he ever concerned with possible payback?

It doesn't sound like he is, and for pretty decent reasons.

Embiid, entertaining us like always, explained those reasons beautifully on ESPN's Tuesday edition of "SC6."

Here was his answer:

Oh, no, I'm not worried about that. If those guys that want to get their feelings hurt, if they're not strong mentally, that's not my fault. I think when it comes down to it, and if we all got to square up, I mean, I'm 7-2 and I'm a big dude. I don't think you want to try me. And I'm African, too, so.

That's the whole point of playing basketball — having fun, go out there, have fun, kick someone's ass and just play basketball.

Not sure if Embiid will ever have to square up with an opposing player. He may have to look out for a big dunk when he's protecting the rim or some extra fire from the competition, but it's good to know he's ready to rumble if necessary.

For the video of Embiid on "SC6," you can watch it here, via The Athletic's Rich Hofmann.

Sixers pick up first boring win of the season against Jazz


Sixers pick up first boring win of the season against Jazz

There was a time as Sixers fans when being 16 games into the season meant it legitimately felt like there was no chance the team would ever win another game of basketball. Now, we're beating teams at home by a lot because we're better than them, moving to multiple games over .500, and -- as of last night -- even breaking even with our overall scoring differential. Yawn. 

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Utah Jazz last night by a score of 107-86. Joel Embiid had something of an off night (15 points on 7-16 shooting), our shooters couldn't quite get it going (4-15 from deep), but we still won by 21. It wasn't quite a blowout, but it definitely wasn't a nail-biter. It wasn't an upset or a moral loss or a validating triumph. It wasn't anything, really, except a win. 

In it's own way, of course, that makes it the most meaningful W of the season for Philly. It has been a very long time -- maybe since the Doug Collins era -- since the Sixers won a game without it being a referendum on either team. The Sixers simply won because they're a better team with more good players -- especially with the Jazz missing a couple key dudes, though we also beat them in Utah a couple weeks ago without Joel Embiid, so whatever. And the Jazz aren't even the worst team in the league, or really even one of them -- they're just a not-totally-terrible team that the Sixers are still decisively superior to. 

Long have I dreamed of wins like this, to have a game where there was nothing to say in the recap except how there's nothing really to say in the recap. Next time the Sixers pick up another W this casual -- and it probably won't take all that long, either -- I won't even be able to write this column again. I'll probably have to try writing in haiku or cryptogram or something to attempt to make the story interesting. 

And that's fine: After four years of historic losing, we'll trade narratives for Ws any time. You keep it real boring, Sixers.