The real story of Andy Reid eating three steaks at dinner with Jeff Lurie

The real story of Andy Reid eating three steaks at dinner with Jeff Lurie

Jeffrey Lurie raised some eyebrows recently when he told the tale of an early interview dinner with Andy Reid in which the rotund coach ordered not one, not two, but THREE steaks.

That's some John Candy in the Great Outdoors stuff right there, folks. 

Except Coach Reid doesn't exactly remember it that way.

Reid joined ESPN's Adam Schefter on his podcast and talked about the old steak tale.

"That's what he said? He's too funny," Reid said. "Well, I might have. It might have been for Joe, Jeffrey, and Andy. Other than that, I don't remember ordering three steaks. I'll take credit for it though."

We're going to call a timeout and throw a challenge flag on that one.

While doing an appearance with WIP's Angelo Cataldi and the Morning team Rich Furino, Regional VP of Del Friscos confirmed Reid's triple steak order.

Afterwards, CSNPhilly's Marshall Harris captured Furino retelling the story.

Harris, who learned about the story while on the 94 WIP morning show,  waded through the gristle to get to the heart of the matter. Furino who remembers the order well.

"Basically, when the server comes up and gives their speel, they describe the different cuts of meat, flavor profiles, and textures, he described them to Andy and said, 'Would you like the ribeye, the New York strip, or the filet mignon?' And Andy said, 'Yes.' Like yes to all three. That's kind of how it got started. They put all three in front of him. He put down about 90% of them."

He estimates it's about 50 ounces of steak.

Rumor has it Del Frisco's is talking about the possibility of creating an "Andy Reid Trio" of those three steaks.

Pa. lawmakers have no idea how to do an E-A-G-L-E-S chant

Mike DeNardo

Pa. lawmakers have no idea how to do an E-A-G-L-E-S chant

This is ... this is just embarrassing.

Maybe we'd be better off with Joe Lunchpail from the 700 level running Washington.

And Tony Williams should know better as he represents parts of South and West Philadelphia in his senate district.

We can probably give the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, a pass? Maybe? 

I don't know. This is just bad form.

This video from KYW's Mike DeNardo comes from an opening of a grocery store in the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia. The politicos were trying to show some team spirit with the Eagles hosting the Vikings this week in the NFC Championship game. Hopefully, that game goes much better than this horrific chant attempt.

Philly police preparing for potential Super Bowl madness

AP Images

Philly police preparing for potential Super Bowl madness

Be prepared.

That’s the Boy Scout's motto, but it’s also the motto for the Philadelphia Police Department heading into this weekend’s NFC Championship Game at the Linc between the Eagles and Vikings.

Win or lose, there’s going to be a big reaction from fans once the game goes final and one of the locations the police expect a lot of activity is in the area of Frankford and Cottman Avenues.

Here’s the notice that was sent two days ago that was posted on the Mayfair Civic Association Facebook Page.

Hopefully the fans will be out in full force to celebrate after the game this Sunday, but either way, we hope no people, property, or horses are harmed. However, it’s good to take these steps to be ready.