Redskins fire back at Lane Johnson by mocking his PED suspension

Redskins fire back at Lane Johnson by mocking his PED suspension

It's the middle of August and real football is still a couple of weeks away but that doesn't mean there can't be some lukewarm trash talk between division rivals already.

I am here for it.

Lane Johnson opened his mouth on Wednesday and tossed some shade at the Washington Redskins, who the Birds will face in their Week 1 season opener on September 10.

But this is August and NFL players are bored, so of course somebody on the Redskins was going to fire back.

Enter Zach Brown who, after a quick Googling, is not a member of a country music band but is rather a linebacker for the Washington football team. He was apparently a Pro Bowler last season for the Buffalo Bills and should be a pretty solid addition to the Redskins defense.

His response:

It's unclear if the "they" he is speaking of is the Eagles or the Redskins. I kind of think he meant the Redskins but again, unclear.

But the PED reference is clearly directed at Johnson and the 10-game suspension he served last season for violating league policy. It's low hanging fruit but it certainly works.

Johnson's comments were a bit curious after he claimed earlier this summer he wanted to do less talking and show it more with action on the field. Regardless of that, he's the type of guy you'd expect to back it up (as long as he's on the field).

Non-preseason can't come soon enough.


CSN Mid Atlantic spoke to Brown about the Johnson comments:

Just to hear somebody say that about our organization is insulting. So for me I was like, man, let me just say something back to him real quick to let him know this is a new atmosphere, a new team, a new drive. Everybody here is playing to the last second no matter what it is. We have one goal in mind, to win every game.​

That's the thing, he’s guaranteeing that win. So when that game comes, when that opening game comes, we will see what happens," Brown said. "I'm playing to win that game too. So is 10 other guys with me on my defense. Everybody, we're playing to win. That's all I got to say.

Villanova hits icy patch on road to Final Four


Villanova hits icy patch on road to Final Four

The Philadelphia area — Villanova is not located *in* Philly proper — is being blasted by a huge snowstorm on Wednesday.

Could it keep the Wildcats from getting off campus and out of Philadelphia for the big NCAA Tournament game on Friday against West Virginia up in Boston?

It could! Check out the footage of their bus getting caught on the ice:

But the answer to the above question is probably "no." Jay Wright said they made it out OK.

The key takeaway here? The road to the Final Four needs to be properly plowed and salted.

Allen Iverson raves about Ben Simmons playing beyond his years


Allen Iverson raves about Ben Simmons playing beyond his years

The voice of the Sixers, Marc Zumoff, hooked up with perhaps the most famous Sixer of all-time, Allen Iverson, to talk about Brett Brown's team that is poised to take Philly to the playoffs for the first time in years.

Iverson was a guest on Zoo's Views podcast this week and spoke about "his little dudes," his loving name for the current Sixers squad.

Ben Simmons is a guy who sticks out for not looking like a rookie.

"I see someone who is a great player far beyond his age," Iverson said. "You don't usually see a player with that mindset. The athletic ability, you see it all the time, but his mindset, he plays the game the right way."

"At times out there he looks like he's been in this league for years and he's a rookie. That's very unique for a guy to come in and be so unselfish, caring about the team, and having every aspect of his game getting better. You can tell he gets better all the time. You can see when people tries to take things from him, he still gets it done."

As for The Answer's advice for today's Sixers, it's all about sticking together.

"I think the sky is the limit for this team. We should want it now but if not my message to them would be to not get frustrated in the process. Understand that there will be some learning experiences. There will be some ups and downs. Stick together, believe in each other night in and night out. Win together, lose together, laugh together, and cry together. I'm looking forward to these coming playoffs. Win four games and we on to the next."

You can listen to the full conversation between Zoo and A.I. below or download and subscribe to Zoo's Views right here.

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