Rhys Hoskins failed to hit a home run Monday night — don't think his teammates didn't notice

Rhys Hoskins failed to hit a home run Monday night — don't think his teammates didn't notice

Rhys Hoskins failed to hit a home run on Monday night but despite the rookie's lack of longball power, the Phillies still somehow managed to defeat the Braves by a final of 6-1.

And I guess Hoskins still contributed to the win despite not hitting a home run. He did rip an RBI double and added a single later in the game.

But again, Hoskins -- who has hit home runs at a record clip since joining the Phillies just a few short weeks ago, did not hit a home run last night, which was a bummer.

Don't think Hoskins' lack of home runs on the night went unnoticed. From Jim Salisbury's game recap.

"I didn't even want to give him a high five," Cameron Rupp deadpanned. "I said, 'Dude, that's not good enough.' I mean, look what he's been doing the last 10 days. Where's that at? Where's that been the last four at-bats?"

Rupp had a point. Hoskins had slugged himself into the game's national spotlight by smacking 11 homers in his first 64 big-league at-bats, faster than anyone in major-league history. Hoskins' home run streak ended at five straight games Monday night, but he still managed the game's biggest hit. His first-pitch double down the left-field line with one out in the sixth inning gave the Phils a 2-1 lead.

"I told him I’m not mad at him," manager Pete Mackanin said. "The double was OK. If you’re not going to hit a home run, I’ll take a double."

Longtime Phillie-turned-broadcaster John Kruk questioned whether Hoskins should be sent down due to his lack of a home run on the night.

"Disappointing," Kruk said. "I'm sure they're probably discussing about sending him out. A double? Single? An RBI, a run scored? Come on. Who can't do that."

Hoskins will have a chance to redeem himself and get back in Philly's good graces with a home run Tuesday against the Braves at 7:05 p.m.

T.O. unplugged on Twitter

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T.O. unplugged on Twitter

Terrell Owens is never one to hold his tongue. Or in this case, his fingers.

Answering fans’ Twitter questions on Friday night, the former Eagles wide receiver and Hall of Fame finalist opened up about several topics.

Things started off relatively tame, as T.O. was asked about playing for Andy Reid and the coach’s inability to win the big game.

Things took a turn when Owens’ Philadelphia exit — and the person he felt was behind it, who went unnamed, (Donovan McNabb) — was brought up.

… And his feelings on Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett.

However, Owens’ former San Francisco 49ers head coach, Steve Mariucci, got it the worst. Or maybe he’s just the worst.

At least Owens made it clear that despite playing for five teams during his NFL career, he will always bleed green.

Zach Ertz reveals secret origins of the dog mask

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Zach Ertz reveals secret origins of the dog mask

Dog mask mania has swept through Philadelphia ever since Lane Johnson and Chris Long donned the creepy masks following the Eagles' divisional round win over the Falcons. We know why the duo wore them but where in the world did they get the idea?

Well, thanks to Zach Ertz — and his article on The Players' Tribune — we now have the answer.

The Friday before the game, Long, Johnson, Ertz, Jason Kelce and Brent Celek were having dinner when Johnson just couldn't contain his excitement for the idea.

“You know how everyone keeps saying we’re underdogs?" Johnson said. "Even though we’re the No. 1 seed? Well … we were on Amazon last night, and we ordered these dog masks.

“Yeah, and when we win, because we’re gonna freaking win, we’re going to do everything in the masks. Media. Postgame. Everything. Dogs.”

And the rest is history. The dog masks have become a must-own for Eagles fans — if you managed to buy one before they sell out that is. The Linc will surely be filled with tens of thousands of rabid German shepherds. But will Long and Johnson get to gloat in the masks postgame again? 

For the full origin story of the masks and a ridiculous Carson Wentz story, read Ertz's full article here.