Sam Hinkie reacts to Astros' championship after years of losing

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Sam Hinkie reacts to Astros' championship after years of losing

The similarities between the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia 76ers over the last few years are pretty obvious.

And not just because Joel Embiid was in Houston this week rooting for the Astros.

The Astros hit absolute rock bottom in their attempt to build back up to be a true contender. They didn't want to be a middle-of-the-pack team for years and years and years. They wanted to be a championship team.

It was a process that if you're an NBA team, they label with the negative connotation of "tanking."

In baseball it's simply called a rebuild. Why such negativity with the NBA version, you'd wonder? And a guy like Sam Hinkie lost his job over it.

But the Astros' plan came together Wednesday night and all those years of losing are forgotten. One man plenty of Philadelphians still hold a candle for took notice.

Hinkie's Twitter account isn't very active, so when he does weigh in on something, plenty of people take notice. 

Hinkie was always a man with a plan. He took the Sixers to the lowest of lows with the hopes of hitting those lottery odds to land a generational talent.

Hinkie may be gone but parts of the process are still in place and the Sixers seemingly have two generational talents in Embiid and Ben Simmons. Not to mention the unrealized potential of Markelle Fultz.

Hinkie loves it when a plan comes together. Philly fans are still hoping Hinkie's own plan eventually does as well.

UPDATE: Embiid reacts to the react:

Meek Mill getting out of prison ... heading to Sixers game?

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Meek Mill getting out of prison ... heading to Sixers game?

Hold up, wait a minute! 

Meek Mill is getting out of prison. And it’s happening just in time for him to get to the Wells Fargo Center before tonight’s Game 5. 

Might he be the bell ringer of choice? If he is, the building is going to go crazy. 

What did Meek Mill do upon getting his freedom back? He posted about the Sixers of course. 

Let’s go @sixers

A post shared by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

Mill is officially being released after spending the last several months in prison. In November, he was sentenced for two to four years for violating the terms of his probation. 

Comedian and Philly guy Kevin Hart, along with Sixers minority owner Michael Rubin, confirmed Mill is getting out.

During the Eagles’ improbable Super Bowl run, Mill’s song “Dreams and Nightmares” became the unofficial anthem of the team. The Eagles even used it as their entrance music in the postseason and it became a staple of postgame locker room celebrations. 

The Sixers are up in their series against the Heat, 3-1, and can finish the series tonight (8 p.m./NBCSP).

Watch Joel Embiid battle Steve Nash in soccer ping pong for $1,000

Bleacher Report

Watch Joel Embiid battle Steve Nash in soccer ping pong for $1,000

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown once famously called a young Joel Embiid's skills comparable to "Shaquille [O'Neal] with soccer feet."

Embiid put those soccer skills on display in a video for Bleacher Report in which he takes on one of the NBA's most famous soccer players, Steve Nash. You can read more about the latter's interest in futbol here.

The pair compete in an interesting game that looks like a riff on ping-pong but with a soccer ball they juggle. The rules seem pretty lax, as Nash asks Joel at one point why he's serving on points the former Sun won.

The highlight is clearly an Embiid header that is basically a spike.

In the end, it looks like Nash got the better of the Sixers' big man. All fun and games and pocket change for these two.

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