Sixers' 3-point shooting has been fantastic

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Sixers' 3-point shooting has been fantastic

The Philadelphia 76ers won a basketball game that they probably shouldn't have last night, beating the Jazz in Utah, 104-97. Joel Embiid was a DNP -- Been Too Long Since the Last One, and Ben Simmons shot 7-22 with as many turnovers as assists. But they won, the way they've won all season. They passed the ball (23 assists, actually below their 26.2 average), and they shot the three (12-27 from deep). And now they're 6-4, tied for the East's third best record. Love is strange. 

The shooting -- third-best from range in the league, if you can believe it, with the fifth-most makes on average -- is the starkest part of the Sixers' success this season. (Besides the whole, y'know, having two future superstars thing.) A franchise that has historically lacked for floor-stretching -- comically so at times, particularly in the later years of the Doug Collins era and the pre-adolescence of The Process -- is now one of the great bombs-away threats of the entire Association.

Here's five quick stats that should drive home the lunacy of all this.

-The Sixers haven't had a rotation regular shoot over 40% from three since Hollis Thompson (40.1%) in 2014-15. Through 11 games this year, they have five: JJ Redick (43.4%), Jerryd Bayless (42.2%), Robert Covington (50%), T.J. McConnell (50%) and Dario Saric (40.9%). 

-The Sixers already have six games where they've made 12 or more triples. In 2013-14, the first season of The Process, they had four such games all season. 

-Only one 76er has ever hit 200 threes in a season: Kyle Korever (226) in 2004-05. Both J.J. Redick and Robert Covington are on pace to beat that mark this year. 

-Only five players in the NBA have hit 35 threes so far this season. Of those, Robert Covington's 50% rate is easily the highest. (Klay Thompson is second at 45.9%.)

-The 76ers have shot over 35% from deep for a season just six times, with the best season coming in 1994-1995 -- otherwise known as the Dana Barros season -- at 37.9%. They're currently shooting 39.9%. 

Wild. Just wait till JoJo starts hitting 'em.

ESPN the Magazine proves Carson Wentz is larger than life

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ESPN the Magazine proves Carson Wentz is larger than life

(Future MVP?) Carson Wentz was featured as the cover story for ESPN The Magazine this week.

The story references Wawa in the first sentence, so you know it's going to be good. It also features Ray Didinger dropping some knowledge on the history of the Birds and explores the complicated relationship between the town's last star quarterback, Donovan McNabb, and Eagles fans. It's well worth the read.

The story asks if Wentz and the Eagles are just setting fans up for another heartbreak — something lifetime fans should probably expect at this point. That's all fine and dandy, but there's one bit we need to discuss. The cover. Oh my, the cover.

Sure, we're thankful to have an incredible quarterback and all, but the symbolism of Wentz as some giant, grotesque Thanksgiving Parade float caricature is a bit much.

But Eagles fans would take a Super Bowl celebration parade down Broad Street over a lame Thanksgiving parade every day.

Watch Eagles roast Jay Ajayi after 71-yard run for getting caught


Watch Eagles roast Jay Ajayi after 71-yard run for getting caught

It's not everyday you see an Eagles player take the ball and run for 71 yards. So Philadelphia fans understandably went bonkers when Jay Ajayi did just that in the Birds' win over the Cowboys on Sunday.

It's also not that frequent that you see a dude get chased down from behind on such a play.

Sadly, the latter happened to Ajayi and his teammates let him hear it on the sidelines after. The fantastic Inside the NFL gave us an up-close look at the roasting.

You almost feel bad for Ajayi, like Kenjon Barner is laying it on a little too thick.

"You slow as $#@!," one player tells him.

"They're gonna lower my speed on Madden," Ajayi says.