Sonny Hill sees 'younger version of Wilt' in Joel Embiid

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Sonny Hill sees 'younger version of Wilt' in Joel Embiid

Sonny Hill knows a thing or two about basketball.

And the Philadelphia basketball legend sees some greatness in Joel Embiid.

A reddit user by the name of SpidermanJones posted a video of Hill from the Sixers' game on Wednesday night. Hill was asked about Embiid possessing qualities the NBA hasn't seen in sometime.

Wilt Chamberlain popped right into Hill's head.

"Younger version of Wilt," Hill said of Embiid. 

It sounded like Hill prefaced the claim by saying with development, Embiid compares to "Wilt the Stilt."

Still, that's quite the comparison.

"I've never, ever done that before," Hill said.

Sixers fans will take it.

For the video of Hill, click right here.

This month has been going a lot better than expected for the Sixers

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This month has been going a lot better than expected for the Sixers

I remember looking at the calendar at the beginning of 2018 and wondering if three weeks in, we weren't already going to be looking at the playoffs as a near-impossibility for the Sixers. Ten of their next 12 games were against teams in the playoff picture as the calendar turned -- including each of the next seven -- while the Sixers were two games under .500, having just finished a 5-10 December that included losses to the Kings, Bulls, Suns and Lakers. A 2-5 or 1-6 start to the new year and we would've had some serious work to do in order to catch up in February and March.

Well, uh, the Sixers appear to be slightly ahead of schedule. Instead of kicking off the year on a 2-5 or 1-6 run, they've instead burst through the door on a 5-1 tear -- still undefeated in North America in 2018 -- with the most recent win coming Saturday night with a closer-than-it-looked-but-also-not-totally 116-94 victory against the Milwaukee Bucks. Now, the Sixers don't have catching up to do to make it back on the right side of the postseason bubble; hell, at 22-20, they're already sixth in the East. 

Say this for last night's game: The Sixers are really discovering every permutation of the blown-double-digit-lead game this season. It happened again last night, of course -- looked like they'd pull away in the second, instead let the Bucks battle back to recapture the lead in the second half -- but they got the cycle out of the way early enough that they were still able to reach escape velocity in the fourth quarter, ultimately winning by 22. Until they figure out the don't-blow-the-lead-at-all game, this is probably the most preferable version of the game so far. 

Joel Embiid went for 29 and 9 on 12-19 shooting and dominated on both ends, ho-hum. Dario Saric (13-6-7) and Ben Simmons (16-8-9) both got most of the way to triple-doubles, while Robert Covington (13-5-3-4) hit multiple triples for the first time in four games. T.J. (11-3-7) was T.J. Even Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, filling in for an injured (and bad) Jerryd Bayless, was sparkling, scoring 16 on 5-9 shooting, with a +21 for his 30 minutes on the court. If he can give us anywhere near that production level on a consistent basis, it'll make the loss of JJ Redick for the rest of the month a whole lot more palatable for Brett Brown & Co. 

And speaking of players being out -- boy, teams have sure been doing us a favor in spotting us one or two this month, huh? After a 2017 portion of the season where it felt like the Sixers were always the undermanned squad -- aside from one game against the John Wall-less Wizards which we nearly blew, and one against the Blazers without Damian Lillard which we actually did -- Philly has in six 2018 contests already faced the Spurs without Kawhi Leonard (and assorted other rotation cogs), the Celtics without Kyrie Irving and the Bucks without Giannis Antetokounmpo or Malcolm Brogdon. Easier to deal with the Deer with Khris Middleton as your only real offensive concern, certainly, and we'll see Brogdon in Milwaukee soon enough.

Anyway, understandable that even our most formidable opponents are doing what they can to duck #SixersJanuary. The team is once again trending entirely in the right direction, the home crowd is feeling it, and Philadelphia basketball is as fun and as fearsome as it's been since... well, last January. This is our month, and we'll deal with all the weird crises sure to beset the squad in the months to come after Groundhog Day. For now, with absolutely nothing else going on in the world of Philadelphia sports, let's just be sure to take the time to enjoy it. 

Shady loves Philly and still hates Chip Kelly


Shady loves Philly and still hates Chip Kelly

It was real Shady on NFL Network today, and not just because LeSean McCoy was on. The former Eagle let everyone know exactly how he feels about the city of Philadelphia and his former coach, Chip Kelly.

“I got a lot of love for Philadelphia now that the little short coach is with the kids where he belongs,” McCoy said.

Kelly, who had a tremendous amount of success at Oregon before being signed by the Eagles, is back in the collegiate ranks with the “kids” after signing a big-money deal with UCLA. The beef between McCoy and Kelly goes back to Kelly’s tenure in Philly, but Shady still cheers for the Eagles, as seen on his Instagram story last week when he was at the game with former Eagles teammate Jeremy Maclin.

After his fourth 1,000+ yards rushing season in 2013, McCoy was shipped to Buffalo for Kiko Alonso, a move that did not sit well with many, including McCoy himself. Alonso was later traded to Miami after one disappointing season for the Birds. McCoy has had a great deal of success over the past three seasons with the Bills and was selected to his fourth straight Pro Bowl this year.

Let’s hope Shady is happy once again for his former team after today’s game at the Linc.